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22 Dec 2017 description
report World Bank, GFDRR
El presente análisis tiene por objetivo evaluar el impacto de las inundaciones en el estado de Tabasco entre los años 2007 y 2010 y de las inversiones en RRD en el bienestar socioeconómico de la población de Tabasco.
19 Jan 2015 description
The first step in effectively addressing IDPs’ needs is for the government to systematically collect data on their number and situation, which currently is limited, contested and outdated, according to IDMC.
25 Nov 2014 description
The weekly Global Overview aggregates information from a range of sources and provides the latest updates on and a ranking of current humanitarian crises.
06 Nov 2014 description
The cash transfers are an effective means to give the poorest access to food following the floods. Food is available in the markets, but the flood has stripped families of the purchasing power to buy it, said WFP.
30 Sep 2014 description
The current plan puts an emphasis on providing communities considered most vulnerable with assistance packages that will increase their greater ability to cope and rebuild.
16 Sep 2014 description
The weekly Global Overview aggregates information from a range of sources and provides the latest updates on and a ranking of current humanitarian crises.
15 Sep 2014 description
Over 340,000 people were forced from their homes and 34,000 houses were destroyed. IFRC launched a $2.3 million appeal to help the Bangladesh Red Crescent Society provide humanitarian assistance to 97,000 people.
08 Sep 2014 description
Three million people have been affected by two weeks of intense rain in Bangladesh, prompting health concerns. In India, the worst floods in 60 years have killed 120 people.
06 Sep 2014 description
An operation aims to provide more than 6,000 families in 12 districts with emergency food and non-food items, shelter, WASH and health support.
02 Sep 2014 description
report IRIN
While the country’s disaster response capacity has been enhanced, experts argue that with people displaced and crops destroyed, the flooding is testing response mechanisms.
01 Sep 2014 description
More than one million people are affected by floods in Bangladesh, while in Sri Lanka, low rainfall in August has aggravated the drought, which has hit 1.8 million people.
27 Aug 2014 description
People have taken shelter on embankments, high ground, roads, and in flood shelters. Food and cooking material, safe drinking water, and emergency shelter are reported as the main immediate priority needs.
25 Aug 2014 description
Heavy seasonal rain has caused flooding that has killed at least 45 people in Cambodia. In Nepal, 123 people have died, while the death toll in India is 41 in flood-related incidents.
21 Jul 2014 description
In the Philippines, 54 people were reported dead, 100 were injured and three are still missing. Around 525,800 people were displaced and seeking shelter in 1,200 evacuation centres.
14 Mar 2013 description
The world has experienced three consecutive years where annual economic losses have exceeded $100 billion due to an enormous increase in exposure of industrial assets to extreme disaster events.
09 Jul 2012 description
DESTACADOS: PARAGUAY: Las autoridades estiman que aún hay 10,000 familias en necesidad alimentaria. CUBA: Un inusual brote de cólera en la provincia de Granma ha dejado tres muertos. PERÚ: Las autoridades han movilizado más de 92,000 frazadas a las zonas afectadas por las heladas.
25 Jun 2012 description
HIGHLIGHTS:  PERU: Cold Weather affects about 11,665 people in the Andean region.  MEXICO: Hurricane Carlotta affected more than 12,000 families in the state of Oaxaca  BOLIVIA: More than 720 confirmed cases of influenza AH1N1.