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28 Jul 2017 description
OCHA activa Fondo de Reserva para emergencias súbitas para financiar tres proyectos para atender zonas afectadas por el conflicto, emergencia por inundaciones y restricción de movilidad.
24 May 2017 description
Los nuevos fondos se utilizarán para fortalecer la resiliencia de las comunidades locales y apoyar las necesidades de seguridad alimentaria de las poblaciones afectadas por desastres naturales.
20 Apr 2017 description
Events such as the Colombia mudslide, the recent Peru floods, and last October’s Hurricane Matthew in Haiti, highlight the need to address the underlying social and economic forces that place human settlements at risk.
16 Apr 2017 description
report ACT Alliance
The US$ 179,493 appeal targets priority needs in Mocoa identified as food security, WASH, community-based psychosocial support, protection, livelihood and early recovery.
07 Apr 2017 description
In total, 200 tents with the capacity of 1,000 people were set up in Mocoa. However, many of the affected families are staying with relatives and friends, which makes it difficult for them to access humanitarian aid.
06 Apr 2017 description
report IRIN
South America is in the grip of an unprecedented climate phenomenon that has unleashed unusually heavy rains and taken a destructive toll and could be several weeks away from abating.
03 Apr 2017 description
report Voice of America
Several rivers burst their banks near the city of Mocoa in the early hours of Saturday, sending water, mud and debris crashing into houses as people slept.
14 Feb 2017 description
The challenging outbreak caused 965 confirmed cases across Angola and DRC, with thousands more suspected. More than 30 million people were vaccinated in both countries.
23 Dec 2016 description
More than 15 million Angolans and 10 million Congolese were vaccinated under a campaign coordinated by the WHO. No new cases have been reported for six months.
07 Dec 2016 description
Four months have passed without a single case of yellow fever in Angola and DRC, thanks to the joint response activities of health authorities, local health workers, WHO and partners.
01 Nov 2016 description
report UN Children's Fund
There have been no confirmed cases since late June but the battle is not over. As the rainy season brings the mosquito that transmits the virus, agencies are working on vaccination and prevention.
26 Oct 2016 description
The number of people needing aid, now 9.7 million, is a moderate decrease from 10.2 million in June. But fighting in many parts of the region is a significant worry and will affect resources.
29 Aug 2016 description
The campaign is taking place in 43 health zones in six affected provinces. In Kinshasa province, which accounts for 29 vaccination zones, thousands of people have already been vaccinated.
16 Aug 2016 description
Working with Ministries of Health in the 2 countries, WHO is coordinating 56 global partners to vaccinate more than 14 million people against yellow fever in more than 8,000 locations.
18 Jul 2016 description
An estimated 40 million people are facing food insecurity, including some 23 million needing urgent assistance. The Regional Action Plan, with a requirement of $1.2 billion, is only 17 per cent funded to date.
23 Jun 2016 description
report UN Children's Fund
UNICEF still urgently needs US$127 million of the US$226 million goal for the emergency response. Over 1 million children face severe malnutrition in ten countries in the region.
17 Jun 2016 description
The Report aims to equip relevant decision makers with key information for preparedness, response, advocacy and resource mobilisation efforts to mitigate and manage risks.
08 Jun 2016 description
In Angola and DRC, the IFRC has deployed Regional Disaster Response Team members, and released start-up funds from its Disaster Relief Emergency Fund to support operations.
26 May 2016 description
Despite vaccination campaigns in Luanda, Huambo and Benguela provinces of Angola, circulation of the virus persists in some districts, according to the health body.
19 May 2016 description
Fears are growing that a deadly yellow fever outbreak in Angola - which has already spread to DRC, Kenya and China - will continue to expand without immediate action to prevent it.