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25 Jun 2018 description
CERF funding enabled 12 UN agencies together with 589 partners to provide life-saving assistance in 2016 and 2017 to 22.5 million people in humanitarian emergencies in 47 countries.
20 Jun 2018 description
report Voice of America
Guinea is more prepared now. Health workers have learned to recognize the symptoms. The general public is more aware of it, too. And Conakry's Donka Hospital is being expanded.
21 May 2018 description
The Commission has adopted a new policy framework that aims to increase humanitarian funding for education in emergencies and crises to 10% of its overall humanitarian aid budget as of 2019.
28 Feb 2018 description
In 2016, CaLP estimates that $2.8bn in humanitarian assistance was disbursed through cash and vouchers, up 40% from 2015 and approximately 100% from 2014.
05 Jan 2018 description
report The Guardian
The first international court case intends to throw light on what happened to some of the millions of dollars siphoned off from funding to help fight the disease.
28 Jul 2017 description
OCHA activa Fondo de Reserva para emergencias súbitas para financiar tres proyectos para atender zonas afectadas por el conflicto, emergencia por inundaciones y restricción de movilidad.
08 Jun 2017 description
report World Bank
The development of a triage and isolation facility in a hospital in Sinoe county by the World bank helped contain a meningococcal outbreak in May 2017.
24 May 2017 description
Los nuevos fondos se utilizarán para fortalecer la resiliencia de las comunidades locales y apoyar las necesidades de seguridad alimentaria de las poblaciones afectadas por desastres naturales.
09 May 2017 description
L’essai de vaccination en anneau, mené par l’OMS en Guinée en 2016, montre que le premier vaccin au monde contre le virus Ebola confère une protection substantielle.
20 Apr 2017 description
Events such as the Colombia mudslide, the recent Peru floods, and last October’s Hurricane Matthew in Haiti, highlight the need to address the underlying social and economic forces that place human settlements at risk.
16 Apr 2017 description
report ACT Alliance
The US$ 179,493 appeal targets priority needs in Mocoa identified as food security, WASH, community-based psychosocial support, protection, livelihood and early recovery.
07 Apr 2017 description
In total, 200 tents with the capacity of 1,000 people were set up in Mocoa. However, many of the affected families are staying with relatives and friends, which makes it difficult for them to access humanitarian aid.
07 Apr 2017 description
Moins d’un an après la fin officielle de l’épidémie Ebola, le système de santé guinéen continue de lutter. MSF lance une large campagne de vaccination contre la rougeole en collaboration avec le gouvernement.
06 Apr 2017 description
report IRIN
South America is in the grip of an unprecedented climate phenomenon that has unleashed unusually heavy rains and taken a destructive toll and could be several weeks away from abating.
03 Apr 2017 description
report Voice of America
Several rivers burst their banks near the city of Mocoa in the early hours of Saturday, sending water, mud and debris crashing into houses as people slept.
27 Jan 2017 description
report IRIN
“People's Science” helped to cut the numbers of infected as people in the affected areas used their experience and common sense to work out what was happening and changed their behaviour accordingly.
02 Nov 2016 description
In conflict situations, simple communication technologies can help researchers and humanitarian organisations collect more accurate data on the effects of humanitarian aid.
27 Oct 2016 description
The assessment report shows that more than half of the population – over 3.5 million people – are food insecure, without access to a sufficient amount of safe and nutritious food.
13 Oct 2016 description
Fiji, India, Nigeria, Peru and Europe were recognized by the UN Secretary-General’s Special Representative for Disaster Risk Reduction as the five outstanding examples of successful efforts to reduce disaster mortality.
11 Oct 2016 description
The experience of Nigeria underlines how important it is to enhance the capacity of low-income developing countries to manage not just emergencies and disasters but the underlying risks, UNISDR says.