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02 Jan 2014 description
The publication gathers a variety of cases studies, such as Typhoon Bopha, planned development-induced migration from hydroelectric dams in China and the Lower Mekong Delta and slow-onset droughts displacing pastoralists in Kenya.
31 Aug 2012 description
In this issue 2012/13 Seasonal Rainfall Forecast P.1 Regional Food Security Worsens P.2 Comoros Early Recovery Plan P.5 Regional Humanitarian Trainings P.5
23 Aug 2012 description
FOOD SECURITY SNAPSHOT Lower cereal harvest in 2012 Maize prices rise following seasonable declines earlier in the year Food insecurity aggravated by production losses in 2012 in southern and central areas Cereal harvest decreases in 2012 compared to last year Harvesting of the 2012 main...
11 Jul 2012 description
FOOD SECURITY SNAPSHOT Rice production provisionally estimated to decline in 2012 following damage from adverse weather An estimated 84 000 households currently facing severe food insecurity Estimated decline in rice production following cyclone damage Harvesting of the main rice crop is...