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20 Mar 2013 description
This report discusses how to manage the plight of migrants who are caught up in conflicts and natural disasters in their destination countries as well as wider repercussions for countries of origin, transit and destination.
22 Feb 2013 description
Prepared communities, fine-tuned development practice and effective finance can only go so far in building resilience: The Arid and Semi Arid Lands also need strong and effective leadership
19 Feb 2013 description
report Mercy Corps
Residents and government officials in Mafraq predict that open violence will become more prevalent if significant efforts are not made to address the underlying sources of instability.
31 Jan 2013 description
Thousands of people are still dealing with the hurricane's effects, especially in Cuba where a lack of funding is hampering the response.
30 Jan 2013 description
Mainstreaming refugees into host country health, education and social service programs presents unique challenges in urban areas. Refugees experience numerous barriers to utilization of mainstream programs
18 Jan 2013 description
Analytical Paper on the Relevance of Human Rights Approaches for Development Activities Targeting Conflict- and Disaster-Induced Displacement in Africa Executive Summary With almost 10 million people internally displaced by armed conflict and other forms of violence in 22 of its countries and an...
09 Jan 2013 description
The priority needs of Iraq’s IDPs have shifted and mirror those of their host communities. That is why IOM began a new form of assessment in 2010, which examines the conditions of vulnerable populations at the community level.
08 Jan 2013 description
Literature review summarizes what is known about social media use during disasters and what remains to be tested
08 Jan 2013 description
Frequent small to medium-scale emergencies raged through the region in 2012, inflicting the most damage on rural households. Support from humanitarian and development partners was often necessary to help affected people back onto their feet, learn from the disaster and better prepare for future shocks.
03 Jan 2013 description
report Save the Children
Support for livestock survival, including veterinary services, feed/fodder, clean water and cash are currently the critical priorities in all flooded districts.
03 Jan 2013 description
report UN Children's Fund
UNICEF and its partners have responded to a wide range of humanitarian needs under less-than-ideal financial circumstances.
02 Jan 2013 description
report World Bank
Even though crisis levels of food insecurity have stabilized and/or improved in certain areas of the Sahel, immediate humanitarian assistance is still needed.
02 Jan 2013 description
According to UNHCR reports, a total of 67,015 Syrian refugees have entered Iraq prior to 26 December.
31 Dec 2012 description
WASH Update According to preliminary results of the seasonal assessment, water sources are rapidly drying up in lowland drought-prone woredas of East and West Harerge zones of Oromia Region, with early livestock migration reported from Kumbi, Meyu and Midhaga Tola (East Harerge) and Burka Dhintu...
31 Dec 2012 description
The UN refugee agency has sent a planeload of supplies to Yemen as part of its ongoing assistance to IDPs who have returned to Abyan Governorate over the last few month.
31 Dec 2012 description
Zambia's Minister of Home Affairs, Edgar Lungu, granted the first three residency permits to former Angolan refugee family in a ceremony in the capital Lusaka, witnessed by UNHCR and a delegation from the African Union, which supported the local integration process by donating US$100,000.
31 Dec 2012 description
report The New York Times
The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees on Sunday distributed emergency cold-weather supplies to families in a refugee camp where two days earlier a 3-year-old died of exposure to the freezing temperatures.
31 Dec 2012 description
UNMIT completes its mandate on 31 December 2012. Find out more about the closure in the Fact Sheet and by visiting the [Momentum](http://www.momentum.tl/en/index.html) website.
31 Dec 2012 description
Camps are being prepared to deal with the expected harsh winter near the border with Syria.
31 Dec 2012 description
The policy aims to strengthen the way OCHA responds to humanitarian crises by ensuring awareness of the different needs, capacities and voices of all affected population groups.