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05 Dec 2017 description
Four in five children living with HIV in the region are still not receiving life-saving antiretroviral therapy, AIDS-related deaths among adolescents are on the rise, according to a new report.
28 Aug 2016 description
The Africa Human Development Report 2016 analyses the drivers that hamper African women’s advancement, and proposes policies and concrete actions to close the gender gap.
29 Apr 2016 description
Nigeria, Chad and Niger account for three-quarters of the population facing severe food insecurity, in particular communities in north-western Chad, where those facing crisis levels of food insecurity has more than doubled.
25 Feb 2016 description
The protracted violence by Boko Haram has displaced some 2.7 million people in the four countries. North-east Nigeria alone accounts for 2.2 million of the displaced.
16 Jul 2015 description
The European Union is contributing €50 million and FAO €23.5 million to this initiative, which will be country-led and demand-driven, and will be applied in at least 35 countries.
07 Jul 2015 description
report European Union
A new regional programme will focus on peace, security and regional stability; economic integration and trade; and sustainable development of natural resources and biodiversity.
02 Jul 2015 description
New report by ADB, FAO and ECOWAS sees regional integration as the best way to make the most of changing food patterns and dynamic populations in West Africa.
22 Jun 2015 description
“Today’s partnership will deepen our understanding of what drives hazards to become disasters, and who is least equipped to deal with the impact of such shocks," said UNASG for Sahel.
12 Mar 2015 description
The report shows how West African nations that experienced low or zero incidence of Ebola have been affected by the crisis because of their deep connections with the three most affected countries.
12 Dec 2014 description
report UN Children's Fund
UNICEF aims to continue tackling the two major drivers of Ebola transmission – lack of early isolation of patients and unsafe burials – while seizing opportunities to strengthen primary health care and social support systems.
25 Nov 2014 description
Between January and March 2015, the crisis could reach nearly 4,2 million people and expand to Burkina Faso, Mauritania and Niger. The Gambia, Guinea Bissau, Senegal and Chad are especially affected by the crisis.
29 Oct 2014 description
report IRIN
Nearly five million more people have joined the ranks of the food-insecure since the beginning of the year, bringing the estimated total in need of food aid to 24.7 million - more than double the number in 2013.
16 Oct 2014 description
The programme focuses on nutrition and the use of second generation ICTs such as mobile phones to facilitate better access to markets and prediction of crises and disasters.
29 Sep 2014 description
As of 26 September, WHO reports that there are a total of 6,553 cases and 3,083 reported deaths across Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria, Senegal and Sierra Leone. Serious shortages of space in treatment centers have reportedly resulted in patients being turned away.
16 Jun 2014 description
West and Central Africa has the world’s highest out-of-school rate, at 28 per cent, which means that about 19 million primary school-age children in this region are excluded from education.
07 Oct 2013 description
report ECOWAS
ECOWAS has taken a major step towards achieving the MDGs on food security by establishing a Regional Agency for Agriculture and Food with headquarters in Lomé, Togo.
18 Sep 2013 description
The latest humanitarian bulletin for West and Central Africa highlights the crisis in Northeast Nigeria and analyses the effects of rain deficits and floods in the region.
11 Sep 2013 description
In August, heavy seasonal rains caused flooding in Benin, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, and Senegal. So far the extent of flooding and subsequent damage is significantly lower than last year.
07 Jul 2013 description
report IRIN
Boosting agricultural productivity in the Sahel region is crucial, say experts, but governments still under-fund the sector, as do international donors who favour short-term fixes.
26 Feb 2013 description
report World Bank
In its analytical and operational work, the Bank is working to remove the persistent barriers faced by women in accessing social services, participating in labour and product markets, and becoming leaders