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04 Jan 2018 description
Global EWEA report highlights potential new emergencies caused by imminent disaster threats and the risk of a steep deterioration in countries in crisis or response stage of an emergency.
01 Jan 2018 description
report UN Children's Fund
Almost 58 per cent of these births will take place in five countries. UNICEF calls on governments and partners to maintain and expand their efforts to save millions of children’s lives by providing proven, low-cost solutions.
27 Dec 2017 description
Reaching people in the remote corners of crisis-affected countries comes down to the creativity, flexibility and tenacity of ordinary aid workers and local first responders.
22 Dec 2017 description
The group of Eritrean, Ethiopian, Somali and Yemeni refugees include families, single mothers, unaccompanied children and disabled people. All of them need health care and counseling.
22 Dec 2017 description
The crisis has continued to deteriorate following last month’s escalation of fighting in the north. Approximately 75 per cent of Yemenis need humanitarian assistance.
13 Dec 2017 description
Framed around the Agenda for Humanity, the report presents global and country-level data-and-trend analysis about humanitarian crises and assistance.
12 Dec 2017 description
As the conflict enters its fifth year in 2018, the humanitarian crisis has continued to intensify and expand due the widespread violence and the deteriorating economic situation.
12 Dec 2017 description
US$500 million in concessional finance from the World Bank, DfID, European Investment Bank and European Union will be linked to creating employment opportunities.
11 Dec 2017 description
“Many refugees, asylum seekers and stateless persons in Libya are victims of serious violations of human rights, including different forms of inhumane, cruel and degrading treatment,” says UNHCR’s Flash appeal.
08 Dec 2017 description
Additional EU assistance of €15 million will enable humanitarian organisations to step up emergency food assistance and the treatment of malnutrition in the drought-stricken country.
07 Dec 2017 description
Global food supplies are high due to strong cereal harvests, but localized drought, flooding and protracted conflicts have intensified and perpetuated food insecurity.
05 Dec 2017 description
As the world focuses its attention on protecting refugees coming out of Africa, the displacement that happens behind its own borders persists at an alarming rate, a new report warns.
01 Dec 2017 description
About 136 million people across the world need humanitarian aid and protection due to protracted conflicts, disasters, epidemics and displacement. This funding will target 91 million of the most vulnerable.
30 Nov 2017 description
ACAPS has identified 12 countries likely to face deteriorating humanitarian situations in 2018 and a further six countries where crises are already severe and likely to continue in a similar trend.
28 Nov 2017 description
The Government of Ethiopia formally launched the Comprehensive Refugee Response Framework, which seeks to promote refugees’ self-reliance through an improved and sustainable response.
27 Nov 2017 description
New research shows pre-teen and teenage girls living in humanitarian settings experience shockingly high levels of physical, emotional and sexual abuse at the hands of people they know.
23 Nov 2017 description
A UNHCR and partners' farming project that ropes in both refugees and their hosts has brought food security and enhanced peaceful co-existence between the two communities.
20 Nov 2017 description
In 2017, the EU dedicated 6% of its annual aid budget to education in emergencies, one of the most underfunded sectors of humanitarian aid. In 2018, this will increase to 8%.
17 Nov 2017 description
infographic UN Children's Fund
The humanitarian situation is rapidly deteriorating in the Horn of Africa as a result of the drought and three consecutive failed rains. In Somalia, risk of famine remains.
15 Nov 2017 description
Despite stretched resources, the government, with support from humanitarian partners, continues to address the triple challenge of drought, flooding and inter-communal conflict.