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21 Feb 2018 description
"Needs are huge not only for the displaced, but also for the local population who are already sharing limited resources in very dire circumstances," Ursula Mueller said.
06 Feb 2018 description
Violent clashes and inter-communal tensions resulted in widespread disruption of agricultural and marketing activities, with a severe negative impact on both food availability and access.
31 Jan 2018 description
In 2017, MSF suffered an average of three attacks per month against its medical facilities, vehicles and staff. CAR became one of the world’s most dangerous countries for aid workers.
26 Jan 2018 description
"The reality is that working in places like CAR – or in any environment where security is an issue – is complicated. As a humanitarian organization, we need to do a better job of talking about this."
24 Jan 2018 description
More than one in four Central Africans is either internally displaced or a refugee. In one year, the number of IDPs has increased by more than 70% since the first quarter of 2017; 2.5 million Central Africans need aid.
19 Jan 2018 description
Plus de 600,000 personnes étaient déplacées internes au mois de novembre 2017 et plus de 500,000 réfugiées dans les pays voisins.
17 Jan 2018 description
report UN News Service
The UN wants a 50km perimeter around Paoua allowing displaced persons to return. In the last three weeks, 60,000 people left everything behind to escape clashes between armed groups.
16 Jan 2018 description
People not only need shelter, food, safe drinking water and household items, but they also must feel safe in such an insecure environment where sexual violence is rampant, says ICRC.
08 Jan 2018 description
MSF estimates 30,000 people have fled the fighting. The situation remains extremely tense, with all peripheral health centres closed and very few wounded reaching the hospital in Paoua.
20 Dec 2017 description
report UN Children's Fund
2017 has seen a dramatic increase in violence. The entire south-west that had been spared by the crisis, is now the worst-hit region, while the previously unstable regions have remained very tense.
06 Dec 2017 description
In July 2017, fighting broke out in Batangafo, CAR, and since then, thousands have camped at hospital grounds, one of the few safe havens for themselves and their families.
28 Nov 2017 description
The Global Polio Eradication Initiative partners and field workers must work hard to understand how best to communicate the risk of polio outbreaks to different communities.
22 Nov 2017 description
MSF has evacuated all 58 national and international staff, and suspended medical operations from Bangassou. Half a million people were relying on MSF’s healthcare services.
14 Nov 2017 description
A surge in violence and brutal attacks on civilians in northern and eastern parts of the country during the last year has forced 1.1 million people to flee their homes.
10 Nov 2017 description
IOM completed the relocation of 698 internally displaced households from the impromptu camp that formed around MINUSCA’s base. Over 20,000 people settled around the base after ex-Séléka members' attacks in 2016.
09 Nov 2017 description
report UN News Service
Humanitarian Response Plan for 2017 is only about 39% funded. Underfunding hampers the ability to respond; failing to address the current needs will affect entire region, UN warns.
18 Oct 2017 description
report UN News Service
La reprise des violences a fait exploser à nouveau le nombre de déplacés et la malnutrition ces derniers mois. Les récentes violences meurtrières ont des implications sur le plan humanitaire.
12 Oct 2017 description
In 2017, UNHCR and partners appealed for US$209 million to assist the more than 500,000 CAR refugees across the region. To date, only 9 per cent of those funds have been received.
11 Oct 2017 description
The security situation has recently worsened in several regions of the country bringing the total number of IDPs to nearly 600,000 and threatens humanitarian interventions.