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14 Jun 2018 description
The Plan, signed between the Mouvement Patriotique pour la Centrafrique (MPC), part of the Former Séléka coalition, and the UN, seeks to end and prevent grave violations against children.
09 Jun 2018 description
The population is once again ‘held hostage’ by the impact of clashes between armed groups since May 14. Populations are being cut off from the assistance they are so much need in for, deplored Ms. Rochdi.
31 May 2018 description
The resurgence of violence comes at a time when the humanitarian community is making every effort to raise the level of funding for the Humanitarian Response Plan. Only 16 percent was raised in the first half of 2018.
29 May 2018 description
The humanitarian crisis that the CAR has been experiencing for five years continues to intensify over almost the entire country. Renewed violence is affecting previously stable areas.
25 May 2018 description
Increased fighting between armed groups in the Central African Republic is causing the humanitarian situation to continue to deteriorate and many people to be displaced, often multiple times.
17 May 2018 description
In the first quarter of 2018, 3,261 protection incidents were reported countrywide. Over the same period, 63 attacks directly targeted humanitarian workers.
14 May 2018 description
With the Humanitarian Response Plan - which aims to provide life-saving assistance to 1.9 million people - only 9.4% funded, the country risks falling into an unprecedented humanitarian crisis.
12 May 2018 description
report UN Children's Fund
A dramatic increase in violence in the first part of 2018 has forced at least 55,000 people, including 28,600 children to flee because of brutality and violence in their communities.
09 May 2018 description
There are more displaced people than ever before. Half the population needs humanitarian aid. At the same time, it’s one of the world’s most dangerous countries in which to do aid work.
01 May 2018 description
« Encore une fois, ce sont les populations civiles, notamment les femmes et les enfants, qui paient le prix des violences », a dit Najat Rochdi, qui déplore aussi les menaces pesant sur les structures de santé et leurs personnels.
27 Apr 2018 description
The allocation aims at responding to the immediate and critical needs of people affected by crisis, protracted emergency and support to durable solutions for the return of displaced persons.
20 Apr 2018 description
Un rapport cherche à examiner l'impact de l'absence d'acte de naissance sur l'accès à l'éducation en République centrafricaine où des années de conflits armés et d'instabilité politique ont dévasté les systèmes éducatif.
20 Apr 2018 description
The families had been living in an internal displacement site since May 2017 when violence broke out in Bangassou, a town in south eastern CAR, near the DRC border.
13 Apr 2018 description
After an outbreak of fighting in the CAR capital, ambulances transporting the wounded have often been delayed because of street battles and barricades.
10 Apr 2018 description
Women and children face ever-greater challenges. Even for those not directly injured in conflict, the violence has had an impact on access to healthcare, food, water, shelter and education.
21 Feb 2018 description
"Needs are huge not only for the displaced, but also for the local population who are already sharing limited resources in very dire circumstances," Ursula Mueller said.
06 Feb 2018 description
Violent clashes and inter-communal tensions resulted in widespread disruption of agricultural and marketing activities, with a severe negative impact on both food availability and access.
31 Jan 2018 description
In 2017, MSF suffered an average of three attacks per month against its medical facilities, vehicles and staff. CAR became one of the world’s most dangerous countries for aid workers.
26 Jan 2018 description
"The reality is that working in places like CAR – or in any environment where security is an issue – is complicated. As a humanitarian organization, we need to do a better job of talking about this."
24 Jan 2018 description
More than one in four Central Africans is either internally displaced or a refugee. In one year, the number of IDPs has increased by more than 70% since the first quarter of 2017; 2.5 million Central Africans need aid.