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21 Feb 2018 description
"Needs are huge not only for the displaced, but also for the local population who are already sharing limited resources in very dire circumstances," Ursula Mueller said.
20 Feb 2018 description
report UN Children's Fund
Newborns from the riskiest places are up to 50 times more likely to die than those from the safest places. Around 80 per cent die of preventable causes such as prematurity and birth complications.
11 Feb 2018 description
The recruitment and use of child soldiers continues at alarming levels around the world today and the international community must act now to help end this devastating practice.
08 Feb 2018 description
The lives of millions of people were saved by rapid humanitarian response in 2017, though millions more remain on the very edge of starvation with ongoing conflicts and climate-related shocks.
08 Feb 2018 description
During 2017, FAO supported governments and communities in responding to food chain crises, which can threaten lives and livelihoods and lead to major emergencies.
06 Feb 2018 description
The International Committee of the Red Cross sets out seven key issues that will shape the humanitarian agenda in 2018 as technological and financial advances transform how it works.
06 Feb 2018 description
Violent clashes and inter-communal tensions resulted in widespread disruption of agricultural and marketing activities, with a severe negative impact on both food availability and access.
04 Feb 2018 description
The UN reports that the denial of humanitarian access to children in situations of armed conflict has become a more prevalent violation.
01 Feb 2018 description
UNHCR and OCHA on Thursday launched a funding appeal for US$1.5 billion to support refugees fleeing South Sudan and for US$1.7 billion for people in need in the country during 2018.
31 Jan 2018 description
In 2017, MSF suffered an average of three attacks per month against its medical facilities, vehicles and staff. CAR became one of the world’s most dangerous countries for aid workers.
29 Jan 2018 description
As the crisis enters its fifth year, it remains the largest refugee situation in Africa. As of 31 October 2017, there are close to 2.5 million refugees hosted in six asylum countries.
29 Jan 2018 description
Humanitarian efforts to provide affected communities with food relief and livelihood support remain extremely critical, FAO and WFP have told the UN Security Council.
27 Jan 2018 description
At least 71 United Nations staff - peacekeepers and civilians - were killed last year in deliberate attacks mainly in Mali, DR Congo, CAR, Cameroon, and Sudan.
26 Jan 2018 description
"The reality is that working in places like CAR – or in any environment where security is an issue – is complicated. As a humanitarian organization, we need to do a better job of talking about this."
25 Jan 2018 description
report Rotary
More than half of the funds will support efforts to end polio in Afghanistan and Pakistan, where polio remains endemic. Further funding will support efforts to keep 10 vulnerable countries polio-free
24 Jan 2018 description
More than one in four Central Africans is either internally displaced or a refugee. In one year, the number of IDPs has increased by more than 70% since the first quarter of 2017; 2.5 million Central Africans need aid.
23 Jan 2018 description
Ongoing violence has pushed forced displacement to the highest levels seen since the start of the crisis in 2013. As of end-December, 688,700 people were displaced – up 60% on a year ago.
22 Jan 2018 description
report UN News Service
Las lluvias torrenciales que provocaron inundaciones, deslizamientos de tierra y avalanchas de lodo, recorrieron todas las costas del Perú en marzo de 2017. En abril, casi la mitad del país estaba en estado de emergencia.
22 Jan 2018 description
report CARE
CARE report "Suffering in Silence" highlights humanitarian crises around the world that rarely made the news: North Korea, Eritrea and Burundi were the least covered by media.
19 Jan 2018 description
Plus de 600,000 personnes étaient déplacées internes au mois de novembre 2017 et plus de 500,000 réfugiées dans les pays voisins.