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19 Sep 2017 description
report IRIN
The proposal worries rights groups, given the precedent further south along the coast, where 121,000 people, mostly Rohingya, are confined in squalid, overcrowded government camps.
18 Sep 2017 description
Viet Nam authorities reported 14 people killed, 112 injured and 4 missing when Typhoon Doksuri swept through seven central provinces over the weekend.
17 Sep 2017 description
report UN Children's Fund
The seven-day campaign is led by the Ministry of Health with support from UNICEF and WHO and will target children below the age of 15 in 68 refugee settlements close to the border with Myanmar.
15 Sep 2017 description
An estimated 380,000 Rohingya have fled since the latest violence in northern Rakhine state. They need shelter, food and medical care, and are stretching Bangladesh’s ability to cope.
14 Sep 2017 description
report UN Children's Fund
The items are part of a first wave of supplies and include detergent powder, soap, pitchers and jugs for containing water, nappies, sanitary napkins, towels and sandals.
13 Sep 2017 description
report Save the Children
Save the Children says it is vital the international community fully funds the response plan, which outlines the life-saving support needed to help 300,000 people until the end of the year.
12 Sep 2017 description
Much-needed shelter materials, jerry cans, blankets, sleeping mats and other essential items have been loaded on to trucks which will bring the aid to the refugee camps at Cox’s Bazar.
12 Sep 2017 description
UNICEF and the IOM analysed the journeys of 11,000 young migrants and refugees along the Central and Eastern Mediterranean routes to Europe.
11 Sep 2017 description
While detailing human rights violations in 40 countries, Zeid Ra'ad al Hussein highlights the Rohingya situation in Myanmar, calling it "a textbook example of ethnic cleansing."
09 Sep 2017 description
The Response Plan, developed as a result of the influx people to Cox’s Bazar, outlines the life-saving support UN agencies and international NGOs are aiming to provide 300,000 people.
07 Sep 2017 description
The CERF funds will help tens of thousands of people fleeing violence in Myanmar and seeking refuge in Bangladesh. Over the past two weeks, more than 160,000 people have fled fighting in Rakhine state to Bangladesh.
07 Sep 2017 description
"Many of the arrivals have serious medical needs ... Without a scale-up of humanitarian support, the potential health risks are extremely concerning," the agency said.
06 Sep 2017 description
About 13,000 people are ill with diarrhoea and respiratory infections in Bangladesh after floods in its north. In Nepal, 26,944 cases of illness have been reported by district health facilities.
05 Sep 2017 description
Since the latest outbreak of violence on 25 August, thousands of people are still arriving daily, and there are clear signs that more will cross before the situation stabilizes.
05 Sep 2017 description
“Rakhine state is on the precipice of a humanitarian disaster ... By blocking access for humanitarian organizations, Myanmar’s authorities have put tens of thousands of people at risk," said Amnesty.
04 Sep 2017 description
An estimated 30 million people have been affected by flooding in India. At the height of the emergency, 1.1 million people were hosted in 3,271 camps. People have begun to return home as water levels are dropping.
04 Sep 2017 description
Rohingya fleeing to neighbouring Bangladesh say a campaign of arson and killings by the Myanmar army aims to force them out.
02 Sep 2017 description
report UN Children's Fund
The most urgent needs for children are clean water, hygiene supplies to prevent the spread of disease, food supplies and safe places in evacuation centres for children to play.
01 Sep 2017 description
report UN Children's Fund
UNICEF is responding to 1.5 million flood affected people by providing water purification tablets, hygiene kits, jerry cans and bleaching powder. UNICEF is also assisting Rohingya children and their families in Cox’s Bazar.
31 Aug 2017 description
The UN human rights council has expressed alarm at the deteriorating situation in Myanmar, affecting not just the Rakhine Buddhist and Rohingya Muslim populations but also other communities.