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08 Sep 2017 description
Generalised insecurity, characterized by clashes between Congolese and different militias around the towns of Pweto and Moba, has led them to seek asylum in Zambia.
30 Aug 2017 description
Over 500 Congolese asylum-seekers were received on 30 August through border entry points in the north, bringing the 2017 cumulative total to over 3,000, with August alone accounting for some 1,000 people.
06 Jul 2017 description
More than 61,000 smallholder farmers will benefit from the deal. The project will promote market-oriented agriculture and focus particularly on women and young people.
23 May 2017 description
With no sign of improvement in the political situation, the total refugee population is expected to grow to over half a million by end 2017 – making it potentially the third biggest in Africa.
22 Mar 2017 description
A fall armyworm outbreak is causing considerable crop damage in seven countries in the region, concurrently with a cyclone in Madagascar, flooding in Mozambique and Zimbabwe.
16 Feb 2017 description
Fall armyworm, which is mostly associated with the Americas, is a new threat in Southern Africa and is currently affecting crops in at least seven countries in the region.
09 Feb 2017 description
More than 129,000ha in Zambia have been affected, while 5,471ha are reported to be damaged in Malawi. Slow responses by governments could result in cuts in household production.
24 Jan 2017 description
The consistent rainfall is in some cases not allowing households to weed their crops, so yields in some parts of the region may likely be adversely affected by these continuous heavy rains.
24 Nov 2016 description
report Oxfam
Oxfam is kick-starting campaigns in Morocco, Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Guatemala, South Africa and Zambia to coincide with the UN International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.
08 Nov 2016 description
Several factors - including depleted food reserves, rising food prices and slowing economic growth - are exacerbating the El Niño-induced drought, the worst in 35 years.
23 Sep 2016 description
UNHCR expects the number of arrivals to continue to rise, but fears Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda and DRC and aid agencies will struggle to continue providing adequate services.
21 Sep 2016 description
23 countries have issued appeals requiring a total of $5 billion. Only 38 per cent is funded as of September 2016, leaving 60 million people at significant risk of further loss.
28 Aug 2016 description
The Africa Human Development Report 2016 analyses the drivers that hamper African women’s advancement, and proposes policies and concrete actions to close the gender gap.
16 Aug 2016 description
The dramatic 2015-2016 El Niño event hit the poorest and most vulnerable communities hardest, disproportionally affecting women and girls. To date, a funding gap of $3.4 billion remains.
10 Aug 2016 description
Preliminary results of the Regional Vulnerability Assessment and Analysis in June 2016 indicate that 39.7 million people will be acutely food insecure in the SADC region at the peak of the lean season in January to March 2017.
08 Jul 2016 description
report UN Children's Fund
In Eastern and Southern Africa – the worst hit regions – some 26.5 million children need support, including more than one million who need treatment for severe acute malnutrition.
30 Jun 2016 description
FEWS NET estimates that a higher than normal number of people are facing acute food insecurity and about 17 million people will be in Crisis (IPC Phase 3) between January-March 2017.
16 Jun 2016 description
Nearly 2.7 million children are currently suffering from severe acute malnutrition. This figure is expected to rise if support is not immediately provided.
02 Jun 2016 description
report World Bank
The World Bank and its partners are providing long-term solutions to the continent, which is home to about 18 million forcibly displaced people, more than one-fourth of the total worldwide.
31 May 2016 description
The Emergency Food Security Assessment (EFSA), conducted in April 2016 in 18 provinces across the country, concluded that about 4.6 million people are food insecure, of which half million require urgent assistance.