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08 Sep 2017 description
Many Ukrainians have lost their payments due to issues related to verification of their status as internally displaced persons and of their actual place of residence.
11 Aug 2017 description
Nearly 1.6 million internally displaced Ukrainians struggle to find safety, adequate housing and access to employment. Safety and security remain major concerns for nearly 800,000 people living near the Line of Contact.
11 Aug 2017 description
Surrounded by minefields, thousands of Ukrainians have to cross a de facto border in the east of the country just to visit family, receive social payments and seek medical treatment.
01 Aug 2017 description
More than 17 000 buildings have been damaged or destroyed during the conflict. NRC urges the government to compensate for the loss of rights, value, use, and/or access to property.
18 Jul 2017 description
report UN Children's Fund
The EUR500,000 project will provide 13,800 children and young people living along the 'contact line', where fighting is most severe, with improved access to education and psychosocial support.
11 Jul 2017 description
The Family Planning Summit, convened in London on 11 July 2017, presents a critical opportunity to accelerate efforts to deliver family planning to women and girls globally— including those affected by humanitarian crises.
22 Jun 2017 description
In 2016, 31.1 million people were displaced by conflict and violence within their own borders. This brings the number of conflict-led IDPs to 40.3 million, while millions more were displaced by natural disasters.
16 Jun 2017 description
report UN Children's Fund
Children having to fetch water from alternative sources, or who are forced to leave their homes due to disruptions to safe water supplies, face dangers from ongoing fighting and other forms of abuse.
13 Jun 2017 description
Parties to the armed conflict in eastern Ukraine have repeatedly failed to implement ceasefire agreements, allowing hostilities to escalate and claim more lives.
12 Jun 2017 description
The staff of the Voda Donbassa pumping station was forced to leave after a new localized spike in hostilities. The pumping station remains closed due to a lack of security guarantees.
07 Jun 2017 description
report International Alert
The study noted that around three quarters of people who required mental healthcare did not receive it, mainly due to a high cost of mental healthcare and medicine.
01 Jun 2017 description
Countries in the Norwegian Refugee Council's list are characterised by insufficient economic support to meet basic needs, limited media attention and lack of political will to solve crises.
16 May 2017 description
Lack of support in finding relevant solutions for IDPs and returnees hinders their integration and creates dependencies on Government and aid organizations’ assistance, says IOM.
26 Apr 2017 description
report UN Children's Fund
Some families living closest to the conflict rarely seek safety in bomb shelters anymore. The normality of conflict is increasing people’s thresholds and thus the physical and mental dangers they face.
07 Apr 2017 description
report UN Children's Fund
Children nearest to the ‘contact-line’ have been living in chronic fear and uncertainty due to sporadic shelling, unpredictable fighting and dangers from landmines and other unexploded ordinance.
10 Mar 2017 description
Hundreds of thousands of people are living under the perpetual threat of shelling, shooting, and landmines, and access to basics like food, water and electrical power has been dramatically curtailed, said Peter Maurer.
07 Mar 2017 description
Struggling to survive in desperate circumstances, over 1.6 million Ukrainians have been displaced within the country, with 3.8 million needing humanitarian assistance.
04 Mar 2017 description
Insecurity increased again in late January across eastern Ukraine, generating additional civilian casualties and humanitarian needs in several locations.
27 Feb 2017 description
Most of the 3.2 million people who were driven from their homes in the first half of 2016 found shelter in low or middle income countries, according to UNHCR.
20 Feb 2017 description
Due to the harsh social-economic situation in Eastern Ukraine, women are forced to offer sex for survival or in exchange for protection and they have become especially vulnerable to human trafficking.