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14 Sep 2017 description
report Theirworld
Almost 300,000 children in temporary education centres will be gradually transferred to official schools. Another 360,000 not currently in education will also start to move into classrooms.
14 Sep 2017 description
report Human Rights Watch
Human Rights Watch tracked education pledges made at a conference in London last year, following the money trail from the largest donors to Lebanon, Turkey and Jordan.
12 Sep 2017 description
UNICEF and the IOM analysed the journeys of 11,000 young migrants and refugees along the Central and Eastern Mediterranean routes to Europe.
11 Sep 2017 description
While detailing human rights violations in 40 countries, Zeid Ra'ad al Hussein highlights the Rohingya situation in Myanmar, calling it "a textbook example of ethnic cleansing."
06 Sep 2017 description
In new report, UN Commission of Inquiry on Syria charts trends and patterns of international human rights and humanitarian law violations between March and July 2017.
23 Aug 2017 description
report UN Children's Fund
Water and electricity have been reportedly cut off for more than a month, forcing people to collect unsafe water. Unexploded ordnance and landmines continue to be a serious safety concern.
14 Aug 2017 description
report UN Children's Fund
The Ministry of Health led a team of 5,000 people, supported by UNICEF and WHO, to vaccinate more than 120,000 refugee and migrant children under the age of five.
08 Aug 2017 description
An estimated 1.1 million displacements were recorded in the first half of 2017. Despite the support provided by host governments and humanitarian actors, refugees in the region are growing increasingly vulnerable.
31 Jul 2017 description
Available in Arabic, Farsi, Turkish and English, Help enables asylum-seekers and refugees in Turkey to easily access information about their rights and obligations, as well as available services.
24 Jul 2017 description
Most of the children in Italy were lone boys from West and Horn of Africa who made the decision to migrate individually, while 91% of children in Greece arrived with their family.
12 Jul 2017 description
On 31st July, European funding to NGOs responding to the migrant influx on the Greek islands will come to an end. Without a clear transition plan, gaps in services will likely occur.
11 Jul 2017 description
The Family Planning Summit, convened in London on 11 July 2017, presents a critical opportunity to accelerate efforts to deliver family planning to women and girls globally— including those affected by humanitarian crises.
08 Jul 2017 description
report Save the Children
A research study reviews the drivers of migration from Syria and the neighboring countries. Routes and conditions of the journey are also evaluated with special attention given to the risks confronted by children.
19 Jun 2017 description
report Oxfam
This report identifies the impact of European migration policies on family unity and calls on the governments of EU member states to protect the right to family life of refugees.
16 Jun 2017 description
report UN Children's Fund
UNICEF-supported programmes for over 9 million children inside Syria and neighbouring countries are on the verge of being cut off due to a critical US$220 million funding gap
08 Jun 2017 description
report European Commission
The 'Conditional Cash Transfer for Education' project, which aims to encourage some 230,000 refugee children to attend school in Turkey by the end of 2017, receives €34 million in EU funding.
17 May 2017 description
The Emergency Social Safety Net (ESSN) will support the most vulnerable refugee families in Turkey with a debit card to cover basic needs such as food, rent, medicine and clothes.
05 May 2017 description
The first comprehensive analysis, “At the Root of Exodus: Food security, conflict and international migration,” explores the role that food security and other factors play in compelling cross-border migration.
07 Apr 2017 description
IFRC and ACAPS report envisages four different outcomes over the next six months, primarily focused on security in Libya and possible repercussions for Italy and Spain.
06 Apr 2017 description
report Oxfam
Violence, brutality and unlawful treatment by authorities on the Western Balkans route are a frequent occurrence, claim refugees and migrants in a new report.