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05 Oct 2017 description
A new report details harrowing cases of Afghans who have been returned from Europe only to be killed, injured in bomb attacks, or left to fear being persecuted for their sexual orientation or conversion to Christianity.
12 Sep 2017 description
UNICEF and the IOM analysed the journeys of 11,000 young migrants and refugees along the Central and Eastern Mediterranean routes to Europe.
28 Jul 2017 description
OCHA activa Fondo de Reserva para emergencias súbitas para financiar tres proyectos para atender zonas afectadas por el conflicto, emergencia por inundaciones y restricción de movilidad.
24 Feb 2017 description
Humanitarian partners agreed to further scale up their response to reach the most vulnerable groups threatened by famine, including children with severe acute malnutrition. Nearly 11 million people urgently need humanitarian assistance.
23 Dec 2016 description
In total, RMRP partners will provide assistance to 342,000 refugees and migrants, prioritising the most vulnerable new arrivals as well as those already in Europe.
12 Dec 2016 description
A cargo plane carrying close to 40 tonnes of emergency supplies will land in Erbil in the first of several operations organised jointly by the European Commission and Member States.
02 Sep 2016 description
With an increasing number of migrant children reported missing in Europe, questions arise about the availability, coverage and reliability of data on children migrating to and through the EU.
31 Aug 2016 description
The Government of Sweden announced today their commitment to support the world's most vulnerable children, women and men with $23 million to CERF.
26 Jul 2016 description
It has become increasingly clear that children, many of them unaccompanied, are in the forefront of the crisis. In 2015 88,245 unaccompanied children applied for asylum in the EU; in May 2016 alone, 3,133 lone children arrived in Italy - UK government.
13 Jun 2016 description
UN refugee agency study finds the number of people in need of resettlement far surpasses the opportunities for placement in a third country.
06 May 2016 description
report UN Children's Fund
Unaccompanied refugee and migrant children in Europe are at serious risk of abuse, trafficking and exploitation; their number reached a record of more than 95,000 last year.
04 Mar 2016 description
report European Commission
The number of Syrians seeking international protection has doubled in 2015 compared with 2014 to 362 800; the number of Afghans has almost quadrupled to 178 200; and that of Iraqis has multiplied by 7 to 121 500.
04 Mar 2016 description
"Europe has successfully dealt with large-scale refugee movements in the past..., and can deal with this one, provided it acts in a spirit of solidarity and responsibility sharing," said High Commissioner Grandi.
19 Feb 2016 description
Mark Malloch Brown suggests a four-point plan that will both address the current crisis and lay the foundations for how future refugee emergencies will be addressed.
07 Dec 2015 description
Those making the journey to Europe are assisted by a rapidly proliferating set of smuggling networks that have shifting sets of motives, nationalities, ways of operating and levels of criminality.
01 Dec 2015 description
Children are among the most vulnerable of the migrants and refugees travelling to Europe. More than one third of all deaths in the Aegean Sea this year have been of children, many of them infants.
07 Oct 2015 description
report Oxfam
Oxfam is calling for 10 per cent of refugees registered in neighbouring countries to be resettled or offered admission in rich countries that have signed the UN Refugee Convention.
01 Oct 2015 description
UNHCR is planning for up to 700,000 people seeking safety and international protection in Europe in 2015 and requesting funds that can be allocated as flexibly as possible in light of the fast-evolving situation.
02 Oct 2014 description
Representatives from more than 20 governments, a dozen NGOs, the UN and a number of multinational companies have pledged emergency medical facilities, health workers to provide care and training to local staff, funding, equipment and logistics.
04 Dec 2013 description
report UN General Assembly
For 2014, the UN agency assisting Palestinian refugees had developed a core budget of $687 million with nearly zero growth, and a cash shortfall of 10 per cent was already anticipated.