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15 Jan 2018 description
The old temporary spaces were replaced by eight spanking new classrooms, complete with chalk boards, chairs and desks, boy and girl latrines, and drinking water.
08 Jan 2018 description
The voluntary repatriation of Sudanese from Pladama Ouaka camp in Bambari, CAR, to Dafag, South Darfur concluded on 5 January, with 1,494 individuals returned home after 10 years.
04 Jan 2018 description
Global EWEA report highlights potential new emergencies caused by imminent disaster threats and the risk of a steep deterioration in countries in crisis or response stage of an emergency.
27 Dec 2017 description
The multi-year funding arrangement will enable WFP to continue to support internally displaced people in Darfur who have not had regular access to food for many years.
22 Dec 2017 description
A new report on food security highlights how an ongoing intensification of violence is opening a wide "hunger gap" between countries being affected by conflicts and those that are not.
21 Dec 2017 description
UNHCR is supporting both governments to ensure that refugees are well prepared for the return and reintegration process and that both their legal and physical protection needs are met.
21 Dec 2017 description
A total of 137 suspected cases, including three deaths, were reported. In response, the government and WHO have distributed mosquito repellents to 10,000 school children in Kassala.
19 Dec 2017 description
More than 4,000 Chadian refugees are ready to return to their home after a decade in Sudan, now that UNHCR and the governments of Sudan and Chad have begun the repatriation process.
15 Dec 2017 description
More than 230 refugees have arrived at Sudan’s Nyala airport since Tuesday. Sixty-six UNHCR chartered flights are scheduled to bring some 1,500 refugees home before year-end.
13 Dec 2017 description
Framed around the Agenda for Humanity, the report presents global and country-level data-and-trend analysis about humanitarian crises and assistance.
12 Dec 2017 description
As the conflict enters its fifth year in 2018, the humanitarian crisis has continued to intensify and expand due the widespread violence and the deteriorating economic situation.
11 Dec 2017 description
“Many refugees, asylum seekers and stateless persons in Libya are victims of serious violations of human rights, including different forms of inhumane, cruel and degrading treatment,” says UNHCR’s Flash appeal.
08 Dec 2017 description
Additional EU assistance of €15 million will enable humanitarian organisations to step up emergency food assistance and the treatment of malnutrition in the drought-stricken country.
07 Dec 2017 description
Global food supplies are high due to strong cereal harvests, but localized drought, flooding and protracted conflicts have intensified and perpetuated food insecurity.
05 Dec 2017 description
As the world focuses its attention on protecting refugees coming out of Africa, the displacement that happens behind its own borders persists at an alarming rate, a new report warns.
05 Dec 2017 description
2018 Humanitarian Needs Overview highlights the plight of seven million people who need assistance and protection, even as more than two million have fled to neighbouring countries.
30 Nov 2017 description
report World Bank
A new series of reports from the World Bank propose a comprehensive development-oriented approach to tackle the crisis and complement the humanitarian responses.
30 Nov 2017 description
ACAPS has identified 12 countries likely to face deteriorating humanitarian situations in 2018 and a further six countries where crises are already severe and likely to continue in a similar trend.
28 Nov 2017 description
The Government of Ethiopia formally launched the Comprehensive Refugee Response Framework, which seeks to promote refugees’ self-reliance through an improved and sustainable response.
24 Nov 2017 description
Relying on analysis of IOM, the report states that at least 33,761 migrants were reported to have died or gone missing in the Mediterranean between 2000 and 2017.