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04 Dec 2018 description
The UN and its partners aim to assist 93.6 million of the most vulnerable with food, shelter, health care, emergency education, protection and other basic assistance, according to the GHO.
04 Sep 2018 description
report Human Rights Watch
Los gobiernos de las Américas deberían definir una respuesta colectiva y uniforme al éxodo de personas que huyen de Venezuela, señaló Human Rights Watch en un nuevo informe.
03 Sep 2018 description
report Human Rights Watch
Governments in the Americas should develop a collective and uniform response to the exodus of people fleeing Venezuela, Human Rights Watch said in a report released today.
10 Apr 2018 description
La OIM lanzó un Plan de Acción Regional en el cual detalla su apoyo a los gobiernos que están acogiendo a nacionales de Venezuela. El plan responde a las necesidades y a las prioridades de los gobiernos.
19 Mar 2018 description
More than four million Venezuelans have fled the country in search of food and medicines, but also because of violence and persecution, putting massive pressure on the region.
14 Jul 2017 description
So far in 2017, the number of asylum-seekers has topped 52,000, which represents only a fraction of the total number of Venezuelans who may need international protection.
17 Jun 2016 description
Almost US$ 122 million needed over the 18 months to implement the revised Zika Strategic Response Plan which places support for women and girls of child-bearing age at its core.