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27 Feb 2017 description
Following an outbreak of dengue in the Solomon Islands, 10,095 suspected cases have been reported. Recent heavy rains may exacerbate the situation.
14 Feb 2017 description
Aid reaches the displaced in Myanmar, severe rainfall hits Fiji, Indonesia and Solomon Islands, while 9,300 people remain displaced in the Philippines after an earthquake.
31 Jan 2017 description
An additional hotspot has been identified on the remote island of Renbell, with 65 cases suspected and five confirmed as of 27 January.
12 Dec 2016 description
A 6.4M earthquake in Aceh resulted in 101 deaths, 670 injuries and displaced more than 83,000 people. Nearly 3,000 homes were heavily damaged.
17 Feb 2016 description
$56 million is required to implement the strategic plan which aims to provide support to affected countries, build capacity to prevent further outbreaks and control them when they do occur.
04 Feb 2016 description
Participants from 16 countries are giving feedback on Northwest Pacific Tsunami Advisory enhanced forecasting products.
01 Feb 2016 description
Forecasters are warning that drought conditions are developing across Micronesia. In Philippines, the agricultural losses attributed to El Niño in Zamboanga City rose to almost US$272,000.
22 Jan 2016 description
Severe drought, flooding, heavy rains and temperature rises are all known effects of El Niño that can lead to food insecurity and malnutrition, disease outbreaks, acute water shortages, and disruption of health services.
08 Jan 2016 description
report UN News Service
“If we act now, we will save lives and livelihoods and prevent an even more serious humanitarian emergency from taking hold," said Stephen O'Brien, the UN relief chief.
07 Jan 2016 description
Current estimates suggest that 4.3 million people in 12 Pacific countries could be at risk from changed rainfall patterns caused by El Niño (drought and increased rainfall).
04 Jan 2016 description
The earthquake in India killed at least eight people, injuring over 100 and damaging several buildings, mostly in Imphal, the state capital, which is 33 km from the epicentre.
30 Dec 2015 description
Nine months since Cylone Pam swept through the Solomon Islands, the people of Malaita province, situated in the North East of the capital, are still struggling to recover from its impact.
08 Dec 2015 description
Earthquakes between 16 November and 4 December in Indonesia displaced over 10,000 people. In Myanmar, up to 4,000 people remain uprooted following fighting in southern Shan State.
30 Nov 2015 description
The weather phenomenon is expected to continue for as long as two years, particularly affecting food security in the region. As many as 13 Pacific countries are at risk.
16 Nov 2015 description
Continued fighting in Myanmar over the past week has reportedly caused both new and secondary displacement, although confirmed figures are not yet available and the situation remains fluid.
09 Nov 2015 description
According to the Government, about 2.4 million people are affected by drought, of which 1 million people live iin the most severely affected regions.
02 Nov 2015 description
Nearly 714,000 people remain displaced two weeks after Typhoon Koppu. In Papua New Guinea about 2.4 million people are affected by drought.
14 Sep 2015 description
The United Nations is urging Pacific Islanders and their governments to prepare now for a looming El Niño emergency with the potential to affect more than four million people.
07 Aug 2015 description
Drought and floods are concurrently occurring in many countries in the region. The effects of drought are expected to prevail and are likely to be heavier than expected.
16 Jul 2015 description
The European Union is contributing €50 million and FAO €23.5 million to this initiative, which will be country-led and demand-driven, and will be applied in at least 35 countries.