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18 Dec 2015 description
With almost a million people having crossed the Mediterranean as refugees and migrants so far this year, 2015 is likely to exceed all previous records for global forced displacement.
29 May 2015 description
report IRIN
Fighting in the Ukraine has not stopped despite the February ceasefire. A humanitarian disaster has unfolded on Europe's doorstep and aid isnt gettting through.
13 Apr 2015 description
In April alone, 12,000 most vulnerable displaced people will receive food parcels and hygiene kits. The ICRC plans to provide such assistance every month in the Russian Federation.
30 Mar 2015 description
The Food Security Cluster expects that around 80,000 people will have no access to cash and voucher activities, and that food parcel support will stop in non-government controlled areas.
23 Mar 2015 description
Only 15 percent of the $316 million required for 2015 has been funded or pledged. For many IDPs, access to social payments, such as pensions, remains a key challenge.
29 Jan 2015 description
report Human Rights Watch
“Human rights violations played a major role in spawning or aggravating many of today’s crises,” HRW chief said. “Protecting human rights and ensuring democratic accountability are key to resolving them.”
17 Dec 2014 description
Continuing displacement, the arrival of winter, and weakened economic resilience among people in conflict areas, IDPs, and host communities, are worsening the humanitarian situation.
24 Oct 2014 description
Estimates as of Thursday 23 October are that Ukraine’s internally displaced population has risen to 430,000 people, some 170,000 more than at the start of September.
02 Sep 2014 description
"If this crisis is not quickly stopped, it will have not only devastating humanitarian consequences but it also has the potential to destabilize the whole region," says UNHCR chief.
15 Aug 2014 description
The number of displaced people in Ukraine has increased to 155,800. Most of them live in student dormitories and boarding schools, which will cause additional challenges with the beginning of the school year in September.
10 Jul 2014 description
IDPs from eastern Ukraine report that they have left home due to security concerns. Cases of extortion and harassment are also being reported, as well as risks of being caught in crossfire.
27 Jun 2014 description
Since the start of the year around 110,000 people have fled to Russia from Ukraine while more than 54,000 have been displaced inside the conflict-torn country.
25 Jun 2014 description
UNHCR has profiled more than 46,100 IDPs - 11,500 from Crimea and 34,600 from Donbas. Given the limitations with the registration system, the real figure is likely to be higher.
14 Jul 2013 description
report UNAIDS
The framework, entitled Treatment 2015, stresses that intensive focus on scaling up HIV services in 30 countries would have a significant impact on the trajectory of the global AIDS epidemic.
08 Aug 2012 description
report Oxfam
Millions more will go hungry as world struggles to respond to unprecedented food crises and sharply rising prices – Oxfam PM’s hunger summit welcome & should kick start reforms to end “scandal” of a billion hungry people – “we cannot keep relying on humanitarian agencies to pick up...
02 Feb 2012 description
by Giovanni Zambello The extreme cold wave gripping Central and Eastern Europe continues unabated, with wind, heavy snow and Siberia-level temperatures – in some areas as low as -32 C –has led to the death of over 80 people from hypothermia and frostbite, caused power outages, traffic chaos and...
30 Nov 2011 description
30 NOVEMBER 2011 ¦ GENEVA -- Global progress in both preventing and treating HIV emphasizes the benefits of sustaining investment in HIV/AIDS over the longer term. The latest report by the World Health Organization (WHO), UNICEF and UNAIDS "Report on the Global HIV/AIDS Response"...
28 Nov 2011 description
report Oxfam
Durban climate talks must deliver action to prevent spiraling hunger In the last year extreme weather events shocked global markets contributing to soaring wheat prices and imperiling food security in many parts of the world, according to research compiled by Oxfam at the start of the Durban...