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21 Sep 2017 description
Un informe de la FAO indica un repunte de las cosechas en la mayoría de los países de bajos ingresos con déficit de alimentos. En el Caribe, el impacto de los huracanes mermará el rendimiento agrícola.
12 Sep 2017 description
UNICEF and the IOM analysed the journeys of 11,000 young migrants and refugees along the Central and Eastern Mediterranean routes to Europe.
11 Sep 2017 description
While detailing human rights violations in 40 countries, Zeid Ra'ad al Hussein highlights the Rohingya situation in Myanmar, calling it "a textbook example of ethnic cleansing."
04 Sep 2017 description
An estimated 30 million people have been affected by flooding in India. At the height of the emergency, 1.1 million people were hosted in 3,271 camps. People have begun to return home as water levels are dropping.
03 Aug 2017 description
Climate change could make much of South Asia - home to a fifth of the world's population - too hot for human survival by the end of this century, researchers are warning.
21 Jul 2017 description
The Pakistan government is piloting a programme to register undocumented Afghans living in the country, currently estimated at between 600,000 and one million.
14 Jul 2017 description
Under a business-as-usual scenario, a 6 degree Celsius temperature increase is projected over the Asian landmass by the end of the century.
11 Jul 2017 description
The Family Planning Summit, convened in London on 11 July 2017, presents a critical opportunity to accelerate efforts to deliver family planning to women and girls globally— including those affected by humanitarian crises.
11 Jul 2017 description
The three-day campaign was launched on July 10 in parts of the restive tribal districts of Khyber and Mohmand, where the drive was hampered by insecurity in the past.
11 Jul 2017 description
Three weeks of non-stop heavy rain has triggered flash floods and landslides across parts of India, Bangladesh and Pakistan that have hit more than a million people and caused widespread damage.
10 Jul 2017 description
As of 7 July, over 40 people have been killed, 61 injured and 60 houses damaged by flash floods in Pakistan. Armed clashes in Afghanistan have displaced more than 20,200 people.
21 Jun 2017 description
Important lessons on stopping the poliovirus in the most challenging locations are moving the polio eradication programme closer to the finishing line.
12 Jun 2017 description
report UN Children's Fund
To end the disease for good, government representatives and partners pledged US$ 1.2 billion to protect 450 million children from polio every year.
12 Jun 2017 description
The Start Network is putting together a new financing facility to enable a faster and more coordinated response to droughts, and plans to test its model in Pakistan and Zimbabwe.
09 Jun 2017 description
Protracted fighting and unrest are increasing the ranks of the displaced and hungry with some 37 countries, 28 of which are in Africa, requiring external assistance for food.
29 May 2017 description
The funding will support Afghan refugees and their families in Iran and Pakistan, help victims of conflict in Afghanistan and improve disaster risk management in Central Asia.
12 May 2017 description
Most of the 600,000 Afghans who returned from Pakistan last year chose to settle in the province of Nangrahar. This has put considerable strain on both health and education services.
02 May 2017 description
The assessment, led by an international border management expert, will help to streamline the registration process for returnees and identify other areas where IOM can help the government.
25 Apr 2017 description
report Voice of America
In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, extreme poverty and poor infrastructure remain the main reasons behind the lack of schooling, while continued insecurity and terrorism exacerbate the situation.
20 Apr 2017 description
The refugees report feeling forced to return as their lack of official documentation left them unprotected. Without proper registration, access to support upon return to Afghanistan is limited.