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19 Oct 2015 description
Typhoon Koppu makes landfall leaving 2 people dead and 104,000 people evacuated. In Vanuatu, 90,000 people are receiving food assistance as an El Nino plan is being finalized.
24 Aug 2015 description
About 2.6 million people have been affected in Bangladesh, while in Myanmar, floods and landslides have affected more than 1.6 million people in July and August.
03 Aug 2015 description
In Viet Nam, on 30th July, the government reported 17 people killed, more than 1,450 households evacuated, and 3,000 households deluged by floodwater.
25 Jun 2015 description
The unfolding El Niño event is predicted to be possibly one of the strongest ever recorded, with threats of drought, increased rainfall, cyclones and diseases.
18 May 2015 description
El Niño conditions exist over the Pacific region, likely to persist until early 2016. During a Pacific El Niño event there is a higher risk of more, and more severe, tropical cyclones with great impact.
14 Jan 2014 description
A new paper aims to assess the risk of disaster-induced displacement in 21 island states in the South Pacific to guide development and preparedness planning.