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16 Nov 2017 description
Vulnerable communities in Africa, the Pacific, and Caribbean are benefiting from improved early warning systems as part of a drive to boost resilience and climate change adaptation.
03 May 2017 description
A new UNHCR report analyses patterns of Rohingya displacement and examines movement circumstances and vulnerability concerns of 85 Rohingya women and girls in India, Indonesia and Malaysia.
27 Feb 2017 description
Following an outbreak of dengue in the Solomon Islands, 10,095 suspected cases have been reported. Recent heavy rains may exacerbate the situation.
03 Aug 2016 description
Human Rights Watch and Amnesty said the Australian government’s failure to address serious abuses appears to be a deliberate policy to deter further asylum seekers from arriving by boat.
13 Jul 2015 description
Direct economic losses are estimated at 5.86 billion yuan ($940 million) with agriculture worst hit. Loss of 3.62 billion yuan estimated as the typhoon coincided with vegetable harvests.
26 Sep 2014 description
The arrangement involves the relocation of recognized refugees from Nauru to Cambodia. “This is a worrying departure from international norms,” said UN refugee chief António Guterres.
03 Mar 2014 description
The programme will help 15 Pacific countries to address three main challenges: adapting to climate change; reducing their reliance on fossil fuels; and capacity building.
14 Jan 2014 description
A new paper aims to assess the risk of disaster-induced displacement in 21 island states in the South Pacific to guide development and preparedness planning.
19 Dec 2013 description
The Emergency Preparedness and Response Plan aims to provide more support to Pacific Island governments to minimise the consequences of disasters.
14 Dec 2012 description
The monitoring mission found that accommodation conditions were harsh, a fully functioning legal framework was absent, and the capacity to assess refugee claims was inadequate.
24 Apr 2012 description
Pacific Islands Face Severe Water Threat, new report says Bangkok, 23 April 2012 – Climate change will exacerbate water stress in Pacific Islands, particularly small islands that rely on seasonal rain for their freshwater needs, according to a report released by the UN Environment Programme...