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20 Sep 2018 description
Civil conflicts and displacement remain the key drivers of food insecurity in East Africa and the Near East, whereas dry-weather conditions reduced cereal outputs in Southern Africa, says FAO.
18 Sep 2018 description
Families living in the world’s largest refugee camps received the first 2,500 stoves and liquid petroleum gas cylinders to prevent further deforestation.
12 Sep 2018 description
The MRG report describes the distinct experiences of migrants, refugees and internally displaced belonging to minorities and indigenous peoples, and how their identities shape their journeys.
03 Sep 2018 description
Heavy flooding caused by Tropical Storm Soulik displaced over 58,000 people in Kangwon and South Hamgyong provinces of DPR Korea. The government is providing assistance.
31 Aug 2018 description
report UN Children's Fund
Since June 2012, when the Myanmar government signed a Joint Action Plan with the United Nations to prevent recruitment and use of children in the Tatmadaw, 924 children and young people have been released.
29 Aug 2018 description
The population uprooted by wars and persecution is on the rise worldwide, but the numbers of refugee children enrolled in schools is falling, according to a new report by UNHCR.
27 Aug 2018 description
INGOs urge the UN Security Council to pressure the government to address the root causes of the crisis; ensure accountability for human rights violations and improve humanitarian access.
27 Aug 2018 description
UN Mission found patterns of gross human rights violations and abuses committed in Kachin, Rakhine and Shan States that “undoubtedly amount to the gravest crimes under international law”.
24 Aug 2018 description
Amnesty International has documented how the military offensive amounted to ethnic cleansing. It included burning of Rohingya villages, the use of landmines and the commission of crimes against humanity against the Rohingya.
23 Aug 2018 description
report UN Children's Fund
More than half a million Rohingya refugee children in southern Bangladesh are being denied the chance of a proper education, and international efforts are urgently needed to prevent them falling prey to despair and frustration, UNICEF said.
22 Aug 2018 description
Aid funding for refugee relief is running out while conditions are still not in place for the safe return of over 700,000 people forced to flee Myanmar to neighbouring Bangladesh.
20 Aug 2018 description
report Oxfam
Rohingya women living in Bangladesh are developing health problems and are at greater risk of abuse due to unsafe and unsuitable facilities in many parts of the refugee camps, Oxfam warned.
19 Aug 2018 description
Throughout Myanmar, there are calls for a peace process that not only stops the fighting and ends the violence, but also addresses longstanding issues that affect all communities.
17 Aug 2018 description
Donors helped the Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) to achieve record-level funding of $514.6 million, ensuring delivery of urgent aid to millions of people in desperate need.
17 Aug 2018 description
Cox’s Bazar had significant areas of protected forest and was an important wildlife habitat. But the arrival of over 700,000 Rohingya refugees over the past year led to massive deforestation.
10 Aug 2018 description
Since 11 May, an estimated 49,000 refugees have been affected by adverse weather; more than 25,000 by strong winds and storms, another 15,000 by landslides and 5,400 by flooding.
09 Aug 2018 description
According to ACAPS' latest Humanitarian Access Overview, the biggest access constraints are found in Eritrea, Syria, Venezuela and Yemen. Eight other countries are also nearly inaccessible to humanitarians.
08 Aug 2018 description
The government’s willingness to take the lead in implementing the agreement is critical to creating conditions conducive for voluntary, safe, dignified and sustainable return of the Rohingya.
06 Aug 2018 description
report Human Rights Watch
The Myanmar government will need to ensure full respect for returnees' human rights, equal access to nationality, and security among communities in Rakhine State, Human Rights Watch said.
01 Aug 2018 description
A new FAO report sounds the alarm on some of the world's most severely underfunded crises, which require an urgent humanitarian response and emergency agricultural assistance