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07 Dec 2017 description
Global food supplies are high due to strong cereal harvests, but localized drought, flooding and protracted conflicts have intensified and perpetuated food insecurity.
27 Nov 2017 description
Normal to above-normal rainfall is predicted for January to March 2018. While conducive to agricultural production, the rains will inevitably lead to flooding, and tropical cyclones will likely affect Indian Ocean countries.
04 Oct 2017 description
The M-CLIMES project provides a robust early warning and climate information system which helps improve development planning, reduce economic risks, and save lives.
21 Sep 2017 description
Un informe de la FAO indica un repunte de las cosechas en la mayoría de los países de bajos ingresos con déficit de alimentos. En el Caribe, el impacto de los huracanes mermará el rendimiento agrícola.
25 Jul 2017 description
Global attention is needed to prevent and treat AIDS in antiretroviral era, with 50 per cent of hospital admissions in MSF hospitals already on treatment and showing signs of clinical failure.
29 Jun 2017 description
report UN Children's Fund
The corridor will facilitate testing in three main areas: Imagery, including situation monitoring in disasters; connectivity – how to extend Wi-Fi or cellphone signals across difficult terrain; and transport of supplies.
27 Jun 2017 description
After two consecutive poor harvests, increased supply has lowered prices to pre-2015-flood levels, reducing the prevalence of negative coping strategies.
22 Jun 2017 description
Many ideas are emerging about how growing African cities can cut their risks. Among them: organise slum dwellers to improve the infrastructure or simply sort out which risks are the key ones, experts say.
09 Jun 2017 description
Protracted fighting and unrest are increasing the ranks of the displaced and hungry with some 37 countries, 28 of which are in Africa, requiring external assistance for food.
08 Jun 2017 description
A new collaboration with Facebook will allow the American Red Cross and the IFRC to use aggregated Facebook data to target communities in need, deliver aid, and fight disease when a disaster occurs.
23 May 2017 description
With no sign of improvement in the political situation, the total refugee population is expected to grow to over half a million by end 2017 – making it potentially the third biggest in Africa.
24 Apr 2017 description
High malaria burden areas will be prioritized as the benefit of the vaccine is predicted to be highest. Information garnered from the pilot will help to decide potential wider use of the vaccine.
11 Apr 2017 description
The pledges announced today will help millions affected by forced displacement, food insecurity, and natural disasters in the Great Lakes region and in the Southern part of the continent.
31 Mar 2017 description
About 108 million people in the world were severely food insecure in 2016, a dramatic increase on 80 million in 2015, according to a new global report on food crises, despite international efforts.
22 Mar 2017 description
A fall armyworm outbreak is causing considerable crop damage in seven countries in the region, concurrently with a cyclone in Madagascar, flooding in Mozambique and Zimbabwe.
21 Mar 2017 description
The MVAC forecast for April 2016-March 2017 showed that almost 40 percent of the total population would not be able to meet their annual minimum food requirements.
06 Mar 2017 description
Insurance companies that pay out directly to farmers are still few and far between in many developing countries, and they mainly serve commercial farmers because the poorest cannot afford to pay premiums.
16 Feb 2017 description
Fall armyworm, which is mostly associated with the Americas, is a new threat in Southern Africa and is currently affecting crops in at least seven countries in the region.
09 Feb 2017 description
More than 129,000ha in Zambia have been affected, while 5,471ha are reported to be damaged in Malawi. Slow responses by governments could result in cuts in household production.
24 Jan 2017 description
The consistent rainfall is in some cases not allowing households to weed their crops, so yields in some parts of the region may likely be adversely affected by these continuous heavy rains.