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22 Dec 2017 description
A new report on food security highlights how an ongoing intensification of violence is opening a wide "hunger gap" between countries being affected by conflicts and those that are not.
11 Jun 2015 description
“Kuwait’s decision to help people in need in Iraq and Yemen is testament to the increasing role Kuwait is playing in supporting humanitarian action across the world,” said Rashid Khalikov, OCHA Director Geneva.
04 Dec 2014 description
report UN General Assembly
Twenty six donors today announced contributions, or their intention to contribute, to UNRWA's 2015 budget, as officials estimated that the agency would begin the year facing a $35 million deficit.
14 Mar 2014 description
The interplay of natural disasters, rapid urbanization, water scarcity, and climate change has emerged as a serious challenge for policy and planning.
04 Dec 2013 description
report UN General Assembly
For 2014, the UN agency assisting Palestinian refugees had developed a core budget of $687 million with nearly zero growth, and a cash shortfall of 10 per cent was already anticipated.
16 Nov 2013 description
report UN Children's Fund
UNICEF, with support from Kuwait and other donors, is currently distributing 80,000 pairs of shoes to school-aged children in 20 refugee camps across Turkey.
12 Nov 2013 description
report CARE
A new report reveals that a tiny proportion of international aid is directed towards projects that target gender violence and sexual exploitation of women in humanitarian crises.
22 Apr 2013 description
Nine UN agencies that were close to suspending some underfunded humanitarian programmes have received a combined $275 million from Kuwait.
19 Apr 2013 description
report UN Children's Fund
Worsening violence in Syria and subsequent degradation of access to basic services, including education and health care, has placed children at risk.
18 Jan 2013 description
By Berta Acero RIYADH, 18 January 2013 - The Secretary General of the Cooperation Council for the Arab Gulf States (GCC) has called for strong regional commitment towards development of a disaster risk reduction strategy to strengthen the resilience of nations and individuals to natural hazards....
03 Dec 2012 description
Bolivia, Comoros, Guinea Bissau, Kuwait and Yemen endorsed the ‘Paris Commitments’ to end the recruitment and use of children by armed forces and groups.
10 Sep 2012 description
Highlights Funding shortfalls are undermining the ongoing humanitarian response in Pakistan, with aid agencies cutting critical life-saving assistance. Needs in Syria increased to an estimated 2.5 million people and the number of refugees has doubled since July. Whilst humanitarian agencies have...
04 Jul 2012 description
Emergency Operation (EMOP) No. 200339 Resourced: US$ 32 million Shortfall: US$ 27 million Background: In response to the current events in Syria, EMOP 200339 was launched to provide food assistance to affected populations living in areas that have been negatively impacted, directly or...
24 Feb 2012 description
Executive Summary Several years after a massive influx of Iraqi refugees prompted the humanitarian community to build its first comprehensive and coordinated protection and assistance response, Iraqi refugees continue to constitute one of the largest urban refugee populations in the world. The...
09 Jan 2012 description
Middle East and North Africa: Protest and repression set to continue in 2012 Repression and state violence is likely to continue to plague the Middle East and North Africa in 2012 unless governments in the region and international powers wake up to the scale of the changes being demanded of them,...