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10 Jan 2018 description
report Voice of America
Un terremoto de magnitud 7,6 poderoso y poco profundo golpeó las aguas de la costa de Honduras la noche del martes, lo que provocó amenazas de tsunami y advertencias para las costas cercanas del Caribe.
11 Oct 2016 description
Strengthening disaster-risk governance and coordination, combined with participation of affected populations, have proved successful in reducing disaster mortality.
21 Jun 2016 description
Climate change is expected to increase the intensity and frequency of droughts in the Caribbean. As a result, countries must enhance their capabilities to deal with it as to ensure food security.
17 Jun 2016 description
Almost US$ 122 million needed over the 18 months to implement the revised Zika Strategic Response Plan which places support for women and girls of child-bearing age at its core.
17 Feb 2016 description
$56 million is required to implement the strategic plan which aims to provide support to affected countries, build capacity to prevent further outbreaks and control them when they do occur.
10 Mar 2015 description
The possibility of a future disaster has real impacts on present-day decisions and economic growth, but despite widespread awareness, investment in ex-ante DRM remains low.
01 Nov 2013 description
El nuevo informe de la UNISDR y la Corporación OSSO, analiza 22 años de tendencias y estadísticas sobre desastres en 16 países de América Latina y el Caribe (1990 al 2011).
13 May 2013 description
98% of all displacement in 2012 was related to climate- and weather-related events, with flood disasters in India and Nigeria accounting for 41% of global displacement in 2012.
02 May 2013 description
Most of the disasters were a result of regular rainy seasons in South America, cold weather in Central America and drought in North America. Bolivia and Peru were hit hardest.
15 Mar 2013 description
The new funding will support restoring damaged housing, improving access to drinking water and helping the most affected people regain their livelihoods.
31 Jan 2013 description
Thousands of people are still dealing with the hurricane's effects, especially in Cuba where a lack of funding is hampering the response.
20 Nov 2012 description
Nearly three weeks after Hurricane Sandy tore through the Caribbean, communities are facing the challenge of a long recovery.
19 Nov 2012 description
Summary The first two weeks following the emergency appeal were characterized by massive mobilization of the Jamaica Red Cross volunteers and their governmental counterparts who have worked in collaboration towards the assessment and distribution of relief items, to address the most immediate...
05 Nov 2012 description
Despite a four-day truce which was supposed to come into effect on Friday 26 October, fighting has continued to escalate in Damascus province, Aleppo, Idlib, Daara and Deir Ezzor in Syria manifested by a new wave of airstrikes by the Syrian forces and attacks by the rebels on strategic army...
05 Nov 2012 description
Panama, 2 November, 2012 - Thousands of people have been left devastated after Hurricane Sandy left a trail of destruction across the Caribbean. Initial reports from affected countries suggest that the hurricane has had a massive impact on already vulnerable communities, and that for many the...
15 Jun 2012 description
By David Singh GENEVA, 15 June 2012 - As the 2012 Atlantic Hurricane Season kicks off, all 16 member governments of the Caribbean Catastrophe Risk Insurance Facility (CCRIF) have committed for the sixth year in a row to renew their hurricane and earthquake insurance for 2012-2013 and earned...
06 Apr 2012 description
PAHO/WHO celebrates World Health Day with the theme: Good health adds life to years Every year, World Health Day is celebrated on 7 April to mark the anniversary of the founding of the World Health Organization (WHO) in 1948. The topic of World Health Day in 2012 is Ageing and Health with the...
05 Mar 2012 description
A glance at urban interventions by Red Cross Societies in Latin America and the Caribbean The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent (IFRC) is responding to urban plight in the Americas Zone through the Secretariat’s launch of urban risk, migration, climate change and violence as...