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11 Sep 2017 description
While detailing human rights violations in 40 countries, Zeid Ra'ad al Hussein highlights the Rohingya situation in Myanmar, calling it "a textbook example of ethnic cleansing."
04 May 2017 description
report UN Children's Fund
In 2016, nearly 5,000 reunification requests, 700 from unaccompanied and separated children, were made from Greece; only 1,107 applicants reached their destination country by year-end.
06 Apr 2017 description
report Oxfam
Violence, brutality and unlawful treatment by authorities on the Western Balkans route are a frequent occurrence, claim refugees and migrants in a new report.
19 Jan 2017 description
report Save the Children
Nearly 2,000 refugees, including up to 300 children, are at risk of freezing to death, frostbite and hypothermia in makeshift accommodation in Serbia, where temperatures are lower than -14C.
23 Dec 2016 description
In total, RMRP partners will provide assistance to 342,000 refugees and migrants, prioritising the most vulnerable new arrivals as well as those already in Europe.
26 Sep 2016 description
Thousands of asylum-seekers are suffering violent abuse, illegal push backs and unlawful detention at the hands of Hungary’s authorities and a system blatantly designed to deter them, said Amnesty in a new report.
02 Sep 2016 description
With an increasing number of migrant children reported missing in Europe, questions arise about the availability, coverage and reliability of data on children migrating to and through the EU.
15 Jul 2016 description
UNHCR has continued to receive reports of abuse and violence occurring when people were apprehended within the transit zones, or in police detention facilities.
08 Jul 2016 description
Agencies note that increased restrictive measures that ignore proper asylum procedures could encourage refugees to seek more dangerous routes into Europe, exposing them to smugglers.
18 Mar 2016 description
IOM continues to advocate for the presence of counter-trafficking specialists at key transit points, reception centres and registration sites as well as for awareness-raising among vulnerable populations.
04 Mar 2016 description
report European Commission
The number of Syrians seeking international protection has doubled in 2015 compared with 2014 to 362 800; the number of Afghans has almost quadrupled to 178 200; and that of Iraqis has multiplied by 7 to 121 500.
01 Mar 2016 description
Due to increased restrictions on transit via the official Balkan route, smuggling continues to pose protection risks to increasing numbers of migrants seeking alternative ways to reach the destination countries.
19 Jan 2016 description
By putting concerns of borders, security and deterrence ahead of the needs of those caught up in this crisis, politicians have failed to protect people, instead increasing suffering and costing lives, says MSF.
21 Dec 2015 description
As part of the common European system, Hungary is looked upon to contribute to the joint efforts in dealing with the continent’s largest refugee crisis since the World War II.
01 Oct 2015 description
UNHCR is planning for up to 700,000 people seeking safety and international protection in Europe in 2015 and requesting funds that can be allocated as flexibly as possible in light of the fast-evolving situation.
25 Sep 2015 description
report UN Children's Fund
UNICEF is appealing for US$14 million to assist refugee and migrant children in Europe, following an 80 per cent increase in the number of children on the move into the continent.
17 Sep 2015 description
The IFRC is calling on individuals, communities, decision makers, social commentators and leaders at all levels to do all they can to support vulnerable people on the move.
17 Sep 2015 description
The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights stated he was appalled at the recent actions and attitudes displayed by the Hungarian Government and authorities in relation to refugees and migrants, some of which amounted to clear violations of international law.
15 Sep 2015 description
UNHCR is deeply disappointed that although a majority of member states agreed with a wider relocation proposal involving 120,000 people, a final consensus could not be reached. Decisive agreement is needed without further delay to address the needs.
11 Sep 2015 description
The proposed relocation scheme for 160,000 refugees from Greece, Italy and Hungary would go a long way to address this crisis, says the UN Refugee Agency.