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29 Mar 2018 description
En América Latina y el Caribe, la sequía fue el tipo de desastre más costoso entre 2005 y 2015, causando pérdidas en los cultivos y el ganado de US 13 000 millones de dólares, según un nuevo informe de la FAO.
13 Dec 2017 description
Framed around the Agenda for Humanity, the report presents global and country-level data-and-trend analysis about humanitarian crises and assistance.
04 May 2017 description
The disaster-prone region experienced situations ranging from natural disasters to the spread of dengue and Zika, with more than 3.5 million lives at risk from drought in Central America.
21 Sep 2016 description
23 countries have issued appeals requiring a total of $5 billion. Only 38 per cent is funded as of September 2016, leaving 60 million people at significant risk of further loss.
16 Aug 2016 description
The dramatic 2015-2016 El Niño event hit the poorest and most vulnerable communities hardest, disproportionally affecting women and girls. To date, a funding gap of $3.4 billion remains.
30 Jun 2016 description
Some 3.5 million people need humanitarian assistance, with 1.6 million moderately or severely food insecure in the hard-hit countries of El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras.
09 Jun 2016 description
The 35 countries of the Americas are currently crafting a plan of action to be endorsed at their Regional Platform on Disaster Risk Reduction, which is due to take place in Canada early next year.
22 Jan 2016 description
Severe drought, flooding, heavy rains and temperature rises are all known effects of El Niño that can lead to food insecurity and malnutrition, disease outbreaks, acute water shortages, and disruption of health services.
04 Dec 2015 description
report Oxfam
The last major El Niño event in 1997–98 led to widespread loss of life, displacement of communities and outbreaks of disease in many parts of the world.
12 Nov 2015 description
This figure exceeds the number of people affected in 2014. Drought is the disaster that affected the most people, followed by excessive rains, floods and epidemics like dengue, chikungunya and cholera.
11 Aug 2015 description
Frente a las sequías recurrentes en la región, FAO y PMA llaman a invertir en medidas estructurales para aumentar la resiliencia y reforzar las capacidades de los países.
20 Jul 2015 description
According to the latest IDMC report, an average of 26.4 million people has been displaced by disasters each year - equivalent to one person every second since 2008.
11 Jul 2014 description
The Atlas of Mortality and Economic Losses from Weather, Climate and Water Extremes describes the distribution and impacts of disasters and highlights measures to increase resilience.
01 Apr 2014 description
The Humanitarian Country Team is considering applying for emergency funds from the United Nations Central Emergency Response Fund.
30 Nov 2013 description
A new paper aims to assess the risk of disaster-induced displacement in several Central American and Caribbean countries to guide development and preparedness planning.
01 Nov 2013 description
El nuevo informe de la UNISDR y la Corporación OSSO, analiza 22 años de tendencias y estadísticas sobre desastres en 16 países de América Latina y el Caribe (1990 al 2011).
02 May 2013 description
Most of the disasters were a result of regular rainy seasons in South America, cold weather in Central America and drought in North America. Bolivia and Peru were hit hardest.
31 Jan 2013 description
Thousands of people are still dealing with the hurricane's effects, especially in Cuba where a lack of funding is hampering the response.
14 Dec 2012 description
report World Bank
Honduras took a step forward in protecting people affected by crime, violence and natural disasters, thanks to two credits totaling US$45 million approved by the World Bank.
15 Aug 2012 description
report Maplecroft
Some of Asia’s most important economies have the highest risk from the threat of natural hazards, due to the exposure of their cities and trading hubs to events such as flooding, earthquakes and tropical cyclones, according to the Natural Hazards Risk Atlas released by risk analysis company...