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07 Feb 2018 description
The infestation has been confirmed in over 30 African countries and poses a growing threat to food security, nutrition, and the livelihoods of millions of smallholder farmers.
05 Dec 2017 description
Four in five children living with HIV in the region are still not receiving life-saving antiretroviral therapy, AIDS-related deaths among adolescents are on the rise, according to a new report.
04 May 2017 description
Tackling the pest and avoiding economic hardship for smallholders across Africa requires coordinated action, a massive awareness campaign, scientific innovation and multi-institutional collaboration.
24 Apr 2017 description
High malaria burden areas will be prioritized as the benefit of the vaccine is predicted to be highest. Information garnered from the pilot will help to decide potential wider use of the vaccine.
11 Apr 2017 description
African migrants who go to Libya while trying to get to Europe become commodities to be bought, sold and discarded when they have no more value.
28 Aug 2016 description
The Africa Human Development Report 2016 analyses the drivers that hamper African women’s advancement, and proposes policies and concrete actions to close the gender gap.
01 Jul 2016 description
Horrifying accounts of sexual violence, killings, torture and religious persecution collected by Amnesty Int'l reveal the shocking range of abuses along the smuggling routes to and through Libya.
29 Apr 2016 description
Nigeria, Chad and Niger account for three-quarters of the population facing severe food insecurity, in particular communities in north-western Chad, where those facing crisis levels of food insecurity has more than doubled.
25 Feb 2016 description
The protracted violence by Boko Haram has displaced some 2.7 million people in the four countries. North-east Nigeria alone accounts for 2.2 million of the displaced.
13 Jan 2016 description
report UN Children's Fund
For the last 2 weeks of 2015, the “Divisions Provinciales Sanitaires” of Ituri and in former Katanga province have recorded more than 180 cholera cases each.
14 Oct 2015 description
report Oxfam
The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change warns that national efforts made to-date are insufficient to ensure adaptation to the long-term impacts of climate change across Africa.
01 Oct 2015 description
UNHCR is planning for up to 700,000 people seeking safety and international protection in Europe in 2015 and requesting funds that can be allocated as flexibly as possible in light of the fast-evolving situation.
23 Jul 2015 description
Community-based approach treats school construction as a community learning opportunity to better understand risks, collectively commit to safety, and to learn and apply strategies for safer construction.
07 Jul 2015 description
report European Union
A new regional programme will focus on peace, security and regional stability; economic integration and trade; and sustainable development of natural resources and biodiversity.
02 Jul 2015 description
New report by ADB, FAO and ECOWAS sees regional integration as the best way to make the most of changing food patterns and dynamic populations in West Africa.
08 Jun 2015 description
report ACT Alliance
Significant numbers of people have been displaced and are accommodated temporarily in areas where water, food supply and sanitation access are poor due to crowded conditions.
01 Apr 2015 description
The outbreak that started in June 2014 has spilled over to 2015. Greater Accra region continues to record cases each week. WHO stresses the need to halt the outbreak before the onset of the rainy season.
12 Mar 2015 description
The report shows how West African nations that experienced low or zero incidence of Ebola have been affected by the crisis because of their deep connections with the three most affected countries.
10 Feb 2015 description
A new book demonstrates with empirical evidence that it is possible, and provides lessons for the effective use of targeting methods to achieve this outcome in the region.
22 Jan 2015 description
report UN Children's Fund
The three most affected countries are Nigeria, Ghana and DR Congo which count for 93 per cent of cases and 80 per cent of deaths in the region. In 2015, there is a high risk of a major outbreak in the Lake Chad Basin and along the Gulf of Guinea.