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28 Nov 2017 description
As the board of Gavi meets this week, MSF is calling on the vaccine alliance to ensure sustainable access to lifesaving vaccines by putting children’s health at the centre of its funding model.
20 Nov 2017 description
In 2017, the EU dedicated 6% of its annual aid budget to education in emergencies, one of the most underfunded sectors of humanitarian aid. In 2018, this will increase to 8%.
01 Dec 2016 description
"Poorly managed migration could contribute to the global impact of AIDS, but migration itself is not a cause for the disease," said IOM Director General William Lacy Swing on World AIDS Day.
05 Apr 2016 description
The funding will be targeted at regions where children are at higher risk of being left out of school or having their education disrupted: East, Central and West Africa, the Middle East (especially Iraq and Syria), Asia, Ukraine, Central America and Colombia.
03 Nov 2015 description
The first geographically diverse survey of the views of stateless children says the common problems they face profoundly affect their ability to enjoy childhood and lead a healthy life.
13 Apr 2015 description
Conflict in Ukraine led to mass displacements and rising needs. In the region, refugees sought protection while cross-border tensions continued.
29 Jul 2014 description
In the first half of 2014, cross-border tensions continued in the Fergana valley, while multiple disasters hit Tajikistan. Authorities are warning that drought is looming over Kyrgyzstan.
14 May 2014 description
Report by the Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre says this figure equates to a staggering increase of 4.5 million from 2012, signalling a record high for the second year running.
09 Jul 2013 description
Only 37 per cent of the appeal for assistance to earthquake-affected people has been funded to date. Needs in education, shelter, water, sanitation and hygiene remain unmet.
18 Jun 2013 description
2012 proves to have been the most successful in recent times as far as the opening of negotiations and peace processes. 46.3% of the 54 analyzed negotiations were resolved favorably.
29 Apr 2013 description
Around 6.5 million people were newly displaced, almost twice as many as the 3.5 million during 2011. The conflicts in Syria and DRC were responsible for around half of the new displacements.
21 Mar 2013 description
New and old conflict-affected countries, such as Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Somalia, contributed to an increase in asylum applications during 2012.
25 Jan 2013 description
report UN Children's Fund
UNICEF has appealed for almost US$1.4 billion to meet the immediate, life-saving needs of children in 45 countries and regions gripped by conflict, natural disasters and other complex emergencies this year.
08 Jan 2013 description
Frequent small to medium-scale emergencies raged through the region in 2012, inflicting the most damage on rural households. Support from humanitarian and development partners was often necessary to help affected people back onto their feet, learn from the disaster and better prepare for future shocks.
20 Nov 2012 description
Sometimes soldiers take over a school entirely, but often they use just a part of the school or university and in doing so expose students to attacks and other violence.
29 Aug 2012 description
Geneva (ICRC) – The families of countless people all over the world who went missing in connection with armed conflict and other emergencies are enduring painful uncertainty as they remain without news of their loved ones. While the authorities concerned have an obligation under international...
23 Jul 2012 description
report CARE, World Vision
CARE International in the Caucasus and World Vision Georgia conducted a joint rapid assessment of 11 communities in the Akhmeta, Telavi and Gurjaani municipalities of Kakheti on July 20th. The heavy rains, strong winds, hail and flooding that occurred overnight across Georgia in the early hours of...
16 May 2012 description
CHF 122,954 has been allocated from the IFRC’s Disaster Relief Emergency Fund (DREF) to support the Georgia Red Cross Society in delivering immediate assistance to some 400 households (1,800 people). Unearmarked funds to repay DREF are encouraged. Summary: The central and eastern parts of...
04 May 2012 description
Fernando de Medina Rosales (04.05.2012) This recent report from NRC analyzes the importance of rights to housing, land and property (HLP) in providing more durable solutions for both internally displaced persons (IDPs) and refugees Many, and perhaps most, of the world’s displaced persons now...
19 Apr 2012 description
People internally displaced by conflict and violence For the last 14 years, the Norwegian Refugee Council’s Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre has monitored intern- al displacement resulting from conflict and violence across the world. In 2011, the number of people internally displaced by...