Who can publish content on ReliefWeb?


ReliefWeb relies on information contributed by numerous organizations. We welcome documents from a variety of sources, including NGOs, UN agencies, Governments, think tanks and the media. We publish situation reports, appeals, assessements, evaluations and lessons learned, manuals and guidelines, policy documents, analyses, press releases, maps and infographics, among others. We also publish job vacancies and training courses that are of benefit to the humanitarian community.

By sharing information on ReliefWeb, your organization helps to improve the collective understanding of the humanitarian aid community. We always clearly identify our sources on our website and link back to them. Please note that ReliefWeb does not charge a fee for publishing information and that all submissions are reviewed by ReliefWeb staff and will be considered based on ReliefWeb's editorial principles. Please send reports and other documents to submit@reliefweb.int, and use submission forms for jobs and training.