How do I make a copy of a training ad?


Copying a training advertisement is useful when you have identical courses that take place in multiple locations or at multiple times.

It saves the user a lot of time when only details like course dates, deadlines, and locations have to be modified.

In addition, it also simplifies the review process for ReliefWeb editors and speeds up ad publication as cloned ads will have already have had the correct tagging when it comes to theme and career categories.

To copy an ad, simply go to a previously-published ad and press "Make a copy of this advertisement" on the top right.

Make a copy of this ad

The ad will be cloned and information from the original post will be pre-populated on your copied ad, i.e. you no longer have to enter the description/content format/theme, etc.

Before submitting your ad, please review and update relevant information - especially registration deadline, training dates, location, and fee information.

Category: Training