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Affected countries: Russian Federation
Between 12-15 April 2015, due to the extremely dry weather, high air temperatures and heavy wind in the territory of Republic of Khakassia located in the South Siberian part of Russia, a massive forest fire covered a large territory of 38 settlements. 30 people were killed and 5,000 affected; about…
Affected countries: Benin
On 6 January, a fire outbreak in the village of Alloya destroyed hundreds of houses and displaced almost 3,000 people. Dusty hot winds from the Sahara Desert continue to worsen the situation. (IFRC, 19 Jan 2013)
Affected countries: Sierra Leone
The risk of fire increased as a result of the dry Hamatan wind that blew across Sierra Leone in January 2013. Several villages in the Northern and Southern Provinces were affected by fire disasters between 2-28 Jan, destroying 279 houses and making 450 families (2,257 individuals) homeless. Plastic…