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03 Aug 2007 description

At the end of July the Swedish Rescue Services Agency (SRSA) sent fire fighting equipment to Macedonia. Several countries have been seriously affected by forest fires and now the SRSA is sending assistance to Albania also.

"We are sending the same type of equipment as we sent to Macedonia but not quite as much of it," says Curt Näslund, project leader for the Albania operation.

"Six containers of equipment and ten cubic metres of foam compound were sent to Macedonia.

02 Aug 2007 description

In response to the Macedonian government's appeal for assistance, Israel will ship emergency firefighting equipment to help extinguish fires caused by the severe heat wave sweeping the country.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has decided to send aid to the Republic of Macedonia to help in its battle against the extensive fires rampant in the country, caused by the extreme heat wave that has swept over Southern Europe in the past few days.

Upon receipt of the Macedonian government's appeal to neighboring friendly governments for assistance in extinguishing the fires, Vice …

30 Jul 2007 description

WASHINGTON, D.C. - The U.S. Government, through the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), is providing $100,000 to assist the Governments of Albania and Macedonia in combating recent wildfires.

U.S. Chargé d'Affaires Stephen Cristina declared a disaster in Albania on July 27 and U.S. Ambassador Gillian Milovanovic declared a disaster in Macedonia on July 25, both due to loss of property and livelihoods as a result of the wildfires that have swept through the respective countries.

27 Jul 2007 description

Foreign Minister Urmas Paet signed a directive according to which 500 000 kroons will be allocated from funds earmarked in the Foreign Ministry budget for development and humanitarian assistance for Macedonia in order to help put out forest fires.

According to Urmas Paet Macedonia requested aid from the European Union as well as directly from Estonia. "An emergency situation has been declared in Macedonia and the Macedonian Foreign Minister asked for help," Paet said.

27 Jul 2007 description

The Swedish Rescue Services Agency (SRSA) has since Wednesday had two fire experts in place in Macedonia, which is suffering from extensive forest fires.

They have now in cooperation with the Macedonian authorities agreed that the SRSA shall provide six containers of forest firefighting equipment.

"The containers are loaded with most of what is required to fight forest fires, equipment that has been previously used in Sweden," says Curt Näslund, project leader for the Macedonia operation.

They contain, among other things, motor pumps, hoses, axes, shovels and rakes, and …

26 Jul 2007 description

The Government has mobilized all forces within the state in the fire extinguishing operations. All domestic capacities and fire fighting units have been activated, along with the engagement of 900 Macedonian Army soldiers, as well as the local population, said Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski at Thursday's Parliament session.

Gruevski stated that a total 121 fire extinguishing vehicles are currently operational in Macedonia .

"Following the fire breakout, the Government has been highly committed to the issue.

26 Jul 2007 description

The Swedish Rescue Services Agency (SRSA) is sending two fire experts to assist with the forest fires raging in Macedonia.

This is in response to a request from the Macedonian authorities via the UN and the Swedish Embassy in Macedonia.

The fire experts, who will leave for Macedonia early on Thursday morning, will assist the authorities in estimating the resources required in terms of personnel and material to fight the fires, as well as grounds for decisions on the scope of continued Swedish assistance.

The fires along with others in south-eastern Europe in Greece, Serbia and …