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29 May 1998 description

Environmental groups estimate forest fires across south-east Asia last year caused at least four-point-five billion dollars in losses.

The estimate of losses, mostly suffered by Indonesia but also affecting neighboring countries, was made by the World Wide Fund for Nature, and the Economy and Environment Program for Southeast Asia.

Fire-related damages include two-point-eight billion dollars in timber, agriculture, firefighting costs and other losses to Indonesia alone.

Other countries suffered 285-million dollars in losses.

Health, tourism and other losses from the thick smoky …

11 May 1998 description

A devastating drought has wreaked havoc across the southern Philippines bringing misery to more than 800,000 families - an estimated 3.6 million people - in 17 stricken cities and provinces.

Once again, the Philippine National Red Cross (PNRC) is in the forefront of relief efforts, working with the Presidential Action Centre and other government agencies and private organisations.

06 Apr 1998 description

Firefighters in the Philippines have contained blazes that killed at least three people and threatened much of the country's remaining virgin forests.

The National Disaster Coordinating Council says about 25,000 hectares of forest and grassland in six provinces were destroyed before the last blaze was put under control on Sunday.

The biggest fires occured in two mountainous areas in the western island province of Palawan. they claimed the lives of a fireman and two small children.

03 Apr 1998 description

Southeast Asia's environment ministers are meeting in Singapore for the third time in recent months to discuss raging forest fires in Indonesia

The ministers will also hold a one-day meeting in Brunei *tomorrow to review the fire situation in several parts of Borneo

An action plan adopted last December calls for ASEAN members to step up efforts to prevent forest fires, establish mechanisms to monitor the blazes and strengthen fire-fighting skills.

The latest satellite images show ground and forest fires in East Kalimantan are spreading.

In the Phillipines, a volunteer …