Lesotho: Windstorms - Aug 2021

Disaster description

From 27 to 31 August 2021, Lesotho experienced windstorms which affected several districts across the country. Out of the ten districts, two (Qacha's Nek and Thaba Tseka) were severely affected while the remaining eight districts experienced minor effects of the wind. Soon after the disaster, Lesotho Red Cross Society (LRCS) and the Disaster Management Authority (including stakeholders from the District Disaster Management Team (DDMT) and the National Society) conducted a rapid assessment between the 29 and 31 of August 2021 revealed that in Qacha’s Nek and Thaba Tseka, cumulatively, 510 houses were affected by the storm. Out of the affected households, 162 were destroyed and families have been displaced, currently hosted by neighbours or relatives. The remaining 348 families whose houses were damaged are using undamaged part of the houses, although they have lost their basic household items. In Qacha’s Nek (Sehaba Theebe) 81 family latrines were blown away. [...] The main priorities identified by the LRCS during the initial assessments were emergency shelter, livelihoods and basic needs, WASH and health for the 162 families whose houses and essential food and household items have been destroyed. (IFRC, 13 Sep 2021)

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