Gambia: Windstorm Surge - Jun 2019

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On 19th June 2019, a windstorm surge hit through five (5) regions in the Upper River Region (URR) namely; Jimara, Tumanna, Wuli East, Wuli West and Sandu districts as well as two districts of Central River Region (CRR) namely Upper Fulado East, Upper Fulado West and Niani, of Gambia, affecting 67 communities. The winds storm surge affected over 900 families (8,100 pax) and caused internal displacement, injuries and 4 deaths (3 in URR and 1 in CRR). So far, the Gambia Red Cross Society (GRCS) and National Disaster Management Agency (NDMA) indicated that over 15,000 people were affected, including 1,425 people displaced, among whom many are currently being sheltered by relatives, host families and other temporary evacuation centres. The report indicates that some four (4) people have been confirmed dead as a result of the falling walls of buildings and flying iron sheets, 101 people have been injured, and over 900 houses have been damaged or destroyed - totally destroyed (500), partially destroyed (450). According to the National Meteorological Department and authorities of the two regions, this windstorm surge is the first time in recorded history that Gambia has experienced such a disaster with this scale of destruction caused to the lives and housing of communities, in addition to the injuries. (IFRC, 27 Jun 2019)

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