Philippines: Mt. Bulusan Volcano - Nov 2010

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The Bulusan volcano in the central Philippines has ejected ash and steam in its third explosion since it became active on 6 November 2010. The ash explosion reached 500 meters in the air and drifted over northwestern and southwestern towns surrounding the volcano. (ABC, 09 Nov 2010)

Ash falls affected 14 barangays from three municipalities (Casiguran, Juban, and Magallanes), with traces reaching Irosin. Sulfur Dioxide emission rate measured yesterday showed a yield of 168 tonnes per day. The 4 km permanent danger zone is observed. Residents near valleys and streams and were advised against sediment - laden stream flows in the event of heavy rains and continuous rainfall. Communities within the reach of ash falls were also advised of the appropriate precautions. As of 10 November 2016, there is one evacuation center, housing six families (36 individuals). (WHO, 10 Nov 2010)

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