DR Congo: Volcanic Activity Nyamulagira - Feb 2001

Disaster description

Africa's most active volcano, Volcano Nyamulagira, located in Kivu province (DR Congo), 23 kilometres from Goma, started erupting on the night of 5 to 6 Feb 2001. Lava flowed down to South flank of the volcano, towards the National Park of Virunga. The cloud of volcanic ash had an impact on the nearby population's health causing respiratory problems, flu, strong headaches, diarrhoea, conjunctivitis as well as an increased number of miscarriages. Cattle that ingested soiled grass was also affected. (OCHA, 26 Feb 2001)

By mid-2004, two years of emissions of gas, ash and cinders from Nyiragongo and Nyamulagira volcanoes had caused health problems for an estimated 60,000 people in the mountains' immediate vicinity. About 30,000 square kilometres of land west of the volcanoes had been destroyed. (IRIN, 25 Aug 2004)

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