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08 Feb 2005 description

Researched, written and published by the Humanitarian Policy Group at ODI

Paul Harvey

22 Sep 1998 description

Update#: 51

14 Aug 1998 description

The following update is a summary of known activities related to the Montserrat Volcanic Emergency.


1.1 Volcanic activity remained at a low level during the last week and was characterised by rockfalls into the Tar River Valley, coupled with a few volcano-tectonic earthquakes.

1.2 COSPEC measurements taken at sea from the police launch continue to show little change.

1.3 Dust levels measured on a daily basis remain low, due to recent heavy rains.

1.4 Meanwhile, the Montserrat Volcano Observatory has a new Chief Scientist and a new Deputy Chief …

28 Jan 1998 description

28 January 1998 The latest package of assistance to help Montserratians deal with the volcanic crisis on their island has brought the total amount committed by DFID since July 1995 to =A351 million.

This week DFID has agreed to fund projects to help start up small and medium scale businesses. It will also contribute substantially towards the running costs of the Government of Montserrat for the first quarter of 1998.

03 Nov 1997 description

OLVESTON, Montserrat, Nov 3 (Reuters) - The Soufriere Hills volcano on the ravaged island of Montserrat threatens to explode again at any time, officials said on Monday.

Over the weekend the volcano showed that a significant explosion was now possible, and residents must stay away from so-called exclusion zones, the British Caribbean territory's Montserrat Volcano Observatory said.

"The MVO considers that the volcano is currently in an extremely dangerous state and more explosions or pyroclastic

30 Oct 1997 description

Weekly News
In the past month British Red Cross has increased its support to its Montserrat branch. Last week it dispatched a

14 Oct 1997 description

Media Contact: Beth Schaefer, News & Information Officer
Phone: (301) 680-6355 Fax: (301) 680-6370

16 Sep 1997 description

By Paul Majendie

LONDON (Reuter) - Britain's rock stars came together in a one-off supergroup to raise more than $1 million for the
volcano-ravaged Caribbean island of Montserrat.

"It is fabulous that the world's attention can be targeted on Montserrat because it is a beautiful island. Thank you for coming,"
Paul McCartney told a capacity audience at London's Royal Albert Hall Monday evening.

After each star had performed a solo set, McCartney joined forces with Elton John, Eric Clapton, Sting, Phil Collins and Mark

15 Sep 1997 description

The Foreign Secretary's statement of 13 September referred to our concerns over the health risks of volcanic ash to the people of Montserrat. This note provides further details of the advice given by medical experts.

The Government of Montserrat (GOM) have for some time been educating the public about the health risks from ash, including through sessions in schools. Dust masks have been widely distributed among the communities living on the fringes of the affected areas and to essential staff working in the hazard zones - eg port workers, police, search and rescue teams.

13 Sep 1997 description

The Prime Minister and I welcome David Brandt to Britain at what is an extremely difficult time for the people of Montserrat to talk through the issues with him. We want to take this opportunity to make clear the British Government's commitment both to dealing with the serious current crisis; and to providing what is needed to sustain a viable community in the north of the island, for as long as it is safe for people to live there. We are taking action in six areas:


11 Sep 1997 description

CONTACT: Linda Bloom 499(10-21-71B){311} New York (212) 870-3803 Sept. 11, 1997

05 Sep 1997 description
report Christian Aid

As scientists predict a further 'big bang', Christian Aid welcomes the statement by George Foulkes, Minister of State for International Development, that Britain would 'never abandon' the people of Montserrat.

04 Sep 1997 description

Weekly News
Children from Montserrat who have spent the last weeks away from the island rejoined their parents at Little Bay, Montserrat
this week. The children have been staying with host families and in summer camps organized by the Red Cross in St. Lucia,
Barbados, Cuba and Jamaica. Parents who have been evacuated from the island, have met their children on Antigua. Beside recreational activities in the camps, special attention was paid to stress reduction for children suffering from the psychological effects of the recent disaster.

02 Sep 1997 description


Following is the text of a joint statement issued in Montserrat today on behalf of Mr George Foulkes MP, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for International Development and Mr David Brandt, Chief Minister of the Government of Montserrat:

The people of Montserrat have suffered terrible blows from the volcano.

01 Sep 1997 description

OLVESTON, Montserrat (Reuter) - A British official visited Montserrat Monday to try to mend fences with residents angered by London's handling of the island's volcano crisis.

International Development junior minister George Foulkes flew near the Soufriere Hills volcano for a view of the volcano's destruction and met with local officials during a tour of the island, a government spokesman said.

''He met with the chief minister and flew over the south to see the destruction for himself,'' government spokesman Herman Sargeant said.

26 Aug 1997 description

By Colin Braley

OLVESTON, Montserrat (Reuter) - Montserrat's new Chief Minister David Brandt traveled to neighboring Antigua Tuesday to meet with Caribbean leaders in hopes of pressuring Britain to offer more help to the volcano-ravaged colony, a government spokesman said.

Brandt, who became chief minister Friday following the sudden resignation of Bertrand Osborne, was to meet with Jamaican Prime Minister P.J. Patterson, Grenada Prime Minister Keith Mitchell, St.

25 Aug 1997 description

By Colin Braley

OLVESTON, Montserrat (Reuter) - The evacuation of Montserrat resumed at a slow trickle Monday as government officials urged Britain to do more for those who want to stay on the volcano-ravaged island.

Twelve families were expected to board a ferry boat for neighboring Antigua as the British-led evacuation entered its second day Monday. Eleven refugees left the island Saturday.

"I think it will be a trickle. I don't think we expect any mass exodus of people at all," government spokesman Herman Sargeant told Reuters.

22 Aug 1997 description
report Merlin

The surgeon who coped with the aftermath of the sinking of the Marchioness, the IRA bombing of
Victoria Station, and the mortar bomb in Downing Street, is one of two emergency specialists to be flown
into Monserrat tomorrow (22 8 97) by the British disaster relief agency MERLIN. Their mission is to
strengthen the island's response capacity for the evacuation or a medical emergency.
Recruited at 24 hours' notice, medical experts Jeremy Booth and Mandy Grocutt have been sent in by