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24 Jan 2020 description
report World Vision

Key messages

  • Overall situation: Heavy rains and resultant flooding in southern Somalia affected many households who were already in need, displaced populations, destroyed livelihood assets, and generated additional humanitarian needs. Additionally, Tropical Cyclone Pawan in northeastern Somalia in early December, resulted in flash floods that affected many households. In response, World Vision scaled up its response with provision of food, conditional and unconditional vouchers, hygiene kits and mosquito nets.

23 Jan 2020 description
report Save the Children

The worst plague of Desert Locusts in a generation is ravaging crops and other vegetation across the Horn of Africa with Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia battling to contain the escalating crisis. The outbreaks in Ethiopia and Somalia are the worst in 25 years and in Kenya the worst in 75 years.

17 Jan 2020 description


• Heavy rains and flash flooding, exacerbated by Tropical Cyclone Pawan, generate additional humanitarian needs among populations in Somalia

• USAID partner organizations respond to flood-related humanitarian needs

• Largest desert locust outbreak in 25 years damages crops and pasture across Somalia


30 Dec 2019 description

FEWS NET publishes a Seasonal Monitor for Somalia every 10 days (dekad) through the end of the current October to December Deyr rainy season. The purpose of this document is to provide updated information on the progress of the Deyr season to facilitate contingency and response planning. This Somalia Seasonal Monitor is valid through December 31, 2019, and is produced in collaboration with U.S.

27 Dec 2019 description

Key Issues

  • The 2019 Deyr (October-December) rains began earlier than normal between mid-September and early October in some parts of Somalia. The rains expanded to cover most parts of the country between mid-October and early December. The overall rainfall performance in terms of amount and distribution was average to above average in southern Somalia and many parts of central and northern regions.

23 Dec 2019 description


Many families in Middle Shabelle and Hiraan Regions were caught unprepared when unexpected heavy rains fell during the second week of December 2019. Desperate, their shelter and household items were washed away by the flood waters. They were forced to abandon their homes to seek higher grounds for safety.

The rains washed out roads and limited movement in and around Hudur, disrupting supply deliveries to local markets and making it hard for people to access health and other vital services.

22 Dec 2019 description

Action Against Hunger is partnering with communities and local authorities to provide emergency assistance to those most in need

By: Fardosa Hussein,
Somalia Communications
Manager, Action Against Hunger

Just a few months ago, communities across Somalia were struggling to survive a crippling drought, which had pushed more than 400,000 people to the brink of starvation. Now, higher than average rainfall and devastating storms have caused heavy flooding that has affected an estimated 570,000 people and displaced more than 180,000 from their homes.

17 Dec 2019 description

Heavy rain alleviates dry conditions in the Northeast, while parts of the South and Northwest report localized floods

15 Dec 2019 description

By: Fardosa Hussein,
Somalia Communications
Manager, Action Against Hunger

On December 6, Tropical Storm Pawan hit the coast of Somalia, bringing strong winds, and heavy rains to the Puntland district. The impact is far from over. According to the UN’s Office of Humanitarian Affairs, the storm and the resulting flash floods have caused six deaths, displaced 4,800 people from their homes, and robbed more than 32,000 people of their livelihoods.

11 Dec 2019 description


Tropical storm Pawan made landfall on 6 December, bringing moderate to heavy rainfall, strong winds and flash floods to parts of Bari and Nugaal regions of Puntland. The authorities estimate that 5,400 households (32,400 people) have lost livelihoods; 800 households (4,800 people) have been displaced from their homes and six people were killed.

Farms, houses, roads and infrastructure have been destroyed or damaged mainly in Eyl, Bandarbayla, Caluula and Laasqoray districts.

10 Dec 2019 description
  • Heavy rain in the last 5 days has affected northern, central and coastal Somalia.

  • On 7 December, Puntland coast was affected by Tropical Storm PAWAN and 2 people died following floods in Las Qoray (Sanaag Region). Roads connecting the town to the rest of the region have been damaged.

  • In central Somalia, the overflow of the River Shabelle flooded Afgooye district, displacing over 1,500 people.

  • Moderate rain is forecast in southern and central areas.

09 Dec 2019 description
report Government of India

India Meteorological Department
Earth System Science Organisation
(Ministry of Earth Sciences)

BULLETIN NO. : 08(ARB/08/2019)

09 Dec 2019 description

The coastal areas of East Africa have seen an increase in the frequency and strength of tropical storms since 2013, with one or two storms occurring each year since then. This can largely be attributed to climate change and the dynamic weather variation in the East African countries.

Climate change studies further suggest an increase of such storms during the 21st Century. More studies are however needed to affirm and predict the storms timely for early action.

08 Dec 2019 description
report Government of India

India Meteorological Department
Earth System Science Organisation
(Ministry of Earth Sciences)

BULLETIN NO. : 33 (ARB/05/2019)
DATED: 07.12.2019

(a) Well marked low pressure area over north Somalia & adjoining Ethiopia.

07 Dec 2019 description

Strong winds and heavy rains reported in coastal areas of Puntland as tropical storm PAWAN Makes Landfall

The north eastern parts of Somalia experienced extreme weather in form of a tropical storm since 06 December 2019. The tropical storm named PAWAN was associated with strong winds and heavy rains in some parts of Puntland with most stations recording high amounts of rainfall.

07 Dec 2019 description
report Government of India

Government of India
Ministry of Earth Sciences
Earth System Science Organisation

Earth System Science Organisation
India Meteorological Department

Time of issue: 1130 hours IST
Dated: 07-12-2019


(a) Cyclonic Storm “Pawan” (pronounced as Pavan) over southwest Arabian Sea