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15 May 2018 description

The report has been prepared as commissioned by the Government of Madagascar (Ministry of Population, Social protection and Women’s Promotion and the National Office of Risk and Disaster Management) in coordination with the members of the emergency cash group and with UNICEF’s funding and technical support. The results of this report have been presented and discussed with the Government and the members of the emergency cash group.

08 May 2018 description
report World Bank, GFDRR

New Report Looks at Past Disasters to Prepare for the Future

Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery: Are we prepared for the next Pompeii?

WASHINGTON, May 8, 2018 — The great disasters of the past – like the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD or the hurricane that devastated Santo Domingo in 1930 – can provide valuable lessons to help governments and institutions increase the resilience of communities in the face of modern challenges, such as climate change and rapid urbanization.

01 Feb 2018 description


  • Certain urban areas of Madagascar (districts of Antananarivo, Tamatave etc.) are experiencing the outbreak of a plague epidemic since August.

  • WFP will implement resilience strengthening activities in the 16 targeted communes, where the food security situation has improved. These activities will be complemented by nutritional support and school feeding programmes, for higher impact.

25 Oct 2017 description

Northern Madagascar experienced an extremely dry season, particularly from Oct 2016 to Feb 2017. In March 2017 Cyclone Enawo hit north-eastern Madagascar, causing flooding and destroying crops. The World Bank estimated the agricultural loss at 207 million USD, including 164 million USD of Vanilla.
The price of imported rice increased by 25% and local rice by up to 47%.

16 Oct 2017 description


  • Vulnerable populations in six Southern African countries will likely require humanitarian assistance through mid-2018

  • FAW infestations reported in at least eight Southern Africa countries

  • USAID/FFP provides nearly $47 million in additional funding to improve food security throughout the region


27 Sep 2017 description


  • WFP is shifting the focus of its operations towards resilience strengthening. 14 priority communes have been identified for Food Assistance for Assets resilience strengthening activities.

  • Early recovery activities implemented in the targeted ENAWO cyclone affected areas aiming to support communities for restoring damaged infrastructure ended in August.

19 Jul 2017 description
report World Bank

Usually the first questions after a disaster are “How many people are affected?” and “What’s the damage?” We want to know the hard numbers on how many people were affected and the potential impact on the economy – difficult information to ascertain in the chaotic aftermath of a disaster. Understanding the situation on the ground takes coordination, data, and time – exactly what you’re often missing during a disaster. Using catastrophe risk models before a disaster occurs can improve coordination, provide critical data, and be done without time constraints.

19 Jul 2017 description
report World Bank
  1. The work presented in this brief report, estimates the losses related to Cyclone Enawo to be over USD 400 million, corresponding to about 4% of annual GDP. With this amount of losses, the Government of Madagascar is likely to need increased post-disaster financing from development partners to cover some of its reconstruction and recovery needs.

14 Jul 2017 description

Madagascar produit 80% de la production mondiale de vanille. Le district d’Antalaha, situé dans le nord-est du pays, fait partie des zones de hautes productions de cette précieuse orchidée. 4 mois après le passage du cyclone Enawo, la ville peuplée d’environ 132 000 habitants essaie de remettre le développement local sur les rails et réduire l’extrême pauvreté.

30 Jun 2017 description


  • WFP is shifting the focus of its operations towards resilience strengthening and the identification of priority areas for Food Assistance for Assets (FFA) resilience strengthening activities.

  • Early recovery activities aiming to help communities to restore damaged infrastructure (roads and irrigation canals) are being implemented in the targeted cyclone affected areas.

23 Jun 2017 description

The district of Maroantsetra, north of Antananarivo, was severely damaged by Cyclone Enawo. The main town and over 80 communities suffered intense water damages causing loss of lives and livelihood, along with destruction.

13 May 2017 description

Faits marquants

• Mars marque le pic de la période de soudure alimentaire dans de nombreux pays touchés par la sècheresse induite par El Niño l'an dernier (source: FEWS NET).

• La saison des pluies a continué à apporter des précipitations au Grand Sud, alors que ces pluies entravent encore la fourniture des aides humanitaires et l'accès aux marchés locaux.

30 Apr 2017 description


· March marks the peak of the lean season across many countries impacted by last year’s El Niño-induced drought (source: FEWS NET).

· The rainfall season has been continuing to bring rain to the Grand Sud. While welcome, these rains are still hampering the delivery of humanitarian assistance and the access to local markets.

· Some communities have opted for migration as a survival strategy because of the "Kere", this has affected until 35% of the population in the village of Beloha South (cumulated figure).

19 Apr 2017 description


  • The UN Under-Secretary-General and Emergency Relief Coordinator (USG/ERC) and the Malagasy Permanent Representation at the UN re-launched the Flash Appeal on ENAWO on 28 March in New York, with the participation of the Malagasy Prime Minister, various Ministers and the UN Resident Coordinator for Madagascar via videoconference.

10 Apr 2017 description


  • The intense tropical cyclone struck Madagascar on 7 March in the SAVA region in the northeast of the country. The cyclone then moved to the south of the country.

  • WFP has responded to meet the needs of vulnerable populations in four affected regions of the country, in addition to Antananarivo, the capital.

  • WFP, as the lead agency of the Logistics Cluster, supports the activities of the national logistics cluster to support the relief efforts of the humanitarian community and the Government of Madagascar.

04 Apr 2017 description

Le 7 mars 2017, Madagascar a été frappée de plein fouet par le cyclone tropical Enawo. Les pertes en vies humaines et matérielles sont importantes et ne cessent d’augmenter. 11 jours après le passage du Cyclone Enawo, les évaluations continuent à être réalisées à cause du difficile accès à des zones qui sont encore sous les eaux, en particulier à Maroantsetra.

29 Mar 2017 description


• On 23 March 2017. humanitarian partners in Madagascar and the Government jointly launched a Flash Appeal for $20 million to provide support to 250,000 vulnerable people affected by Cyclone Enawo.

• Response activities are building momentum, with supplies. additional humanitarian organizations and staff arriving in the most-affected areas of north-eastern Madagascar.

29 Mar 2017 description

Situation Overview

Intense Tropical Cyclone Enawo, a category 4 cyclone on the Saffir-Simpson scale, made landfall in north-eastern Madagascar’s Sava region on 7 March and moved through the centre of the country as a tropical depression, exiting in the south-east on the morning of 10 March 2017. Strong winds ands floods damaged crops, infrastructure, schools and houses, temporarily displacing 247,000 people and injuring 253 people with 81 deaths.