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27 Oct 2017 description

The lessons learned below are a result of the analysis of main findings and lessons from the impact and response to Tropical Storm Erika in August 2015 in Dominica, and hurricanes tropical storms that impacted locations with similar characteristics to Dominica. The aim of this product is to improve the performance of humanitarian actors responding to Hurricane Maria, assist agencies working in the response, and encourage positive action by decision makers.

Impact of Tropical Storm Erika

19 Oct 2017 description

The Commonwealth of Dominica is a sovereign island country, part of the Windward Islands in the Lesser Antilles archipelago in the Caribbean Sea. The island lies - southeast of Guadeloupe and northwest of Martinique. Its area is 750km2, and the highest point is Morne Diablotins. The island’s vegetation is dense, a consequence of its elevation and very high rainfall, which varies from about 1800mm per year on the western coast to over 7,500mm in the mountainous interior. Dominica is a lower middle-income country and the poorest of the southeastern Caribbean islands.

02 Mar 2017 description

Emergency Appeal

Operation no. MDRDM002

Date of Issue: 01 March 2017

Glide number: TC-2015-000119-DMA

Date of disaster: 27 August 2015

Operation start date: 10 September 2015

Operation end date: 10 April 2016

Host National Society: Dominica Red Cross Society

Operation budget: 889,494 Swiss francs (CHF)

Number of people affected: 28,000

01 Mar 2017 description
report Inter Press Service

ROSEAU, Dominica, Mar 1 2017 (IPS) - When Tropical Storm Erika hit the tiny Caribbean island of Dominica on Aug. 27, 2015, it killed more than two dozen people, left nearly 600 homeless and wreaked damages totaling more than a billion dollars.

The storm dumped 15 inches of rain on the mountainous island, caused floods and mudslides and set the country back 20 years, according Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit. The island was inadequately prepared for a storm such as Erika. Many roads and bridges were simply not robust enough to withstand such high volumes of water.

12 Dec 2016 description

A team of Assessors was commissioned by the UNDP on behalf of the Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica (GCOD), in January 2016, to undertake a Social and Livelihoods assessment of the impact of TS Erika. The team arrived in Dominica for a two week period (January 18-29) in order to conduct its investigations and presents its findings through this report The Social and Livelihoods Assessment following the Impact of TS Erika situates itself within the framework of social vulnerability and disaster risk reduction.

13 Nov 2016 description

The agreement was signed by the Honorable Minister for Foreign Affairs, Francine Baron and Stefano Manservisi, European Commission Director for International Co-Operation and Development at the recent EU-CELAC summit held in the Dominican Republic.

The overall post-Erika rehabilitation project, which will be carried out through the Ministry of Finance is part of efforts by government to source concessionary or grant funding that will mitigate the effects of tropical weather phenomena.

14 Sep 2016 description

Latin America and the Caribbean is a diverse region and does not follow a single pattern of development. This Report is separated into two volumes which share the same narrative: the Regional Human Development Report – the first volume – covers the entire region, while deepening the analysis on Latin America; and this current Caribbean Human Development Report – the second volume – approaches the multidimensional challenges of sustainable development and human progress taking into consideration the particularities of the Caribbean.

01 Sep 2016 description

Government has spent between five and six million dollars to assist victims of Tropical Storm Erika.

This was revealed by the Chairperson of the Social Services and Welfare Ministerial Committee, Hon Justina Charles.

The Social Services and Welfare Subcommittee was appointed by Cabinet to assist in the recovery and rehabilitation exercise.

Hon Charles outlined some of the duties of the subcommittee.

24 Aug 2016 description

Emergency Appeal

Operation no. MDRDM002

Date of Issue: 23 August 2016

Glide number: TC-2015-000119-DMA

Date of disaster: 27 August 2015

Operation start date: 10 September 2015

Operation end date: 10 April 2016

Host National Society: Dominica Red Cross Society

Operation budget: 889,493 Swiss francs (CHF)

Number of people affected: 28,000

05 Aug 2016 description

The Parliament of Dominica has consented to establish a fund specifically to deal with the costs associated with natural disasters.

Recent incidents have proven that the island is prone to natural hazards including destructive rainfall events and earthquakes.

The bills for clean-up and restoration following both Tropical Storm Erika and the 2013 Christmas Eve trough were crippling.

Hence the reason for the vulnerability, risk and resilience fund.

11 May 2016 description


Conflict, violence and disasters internally displaced 27.8 million people in 2015, subjecting a record number of men, women and children to the trauma and upheaval of being forcibly displaced within their own country.

04 May 2016 description

Hon Prime Minister Dr. Roosevelt Skerrit has informed the Dominican populace of urgent interventions being made to enhance the safety of citizens in a number of locations across the country.

Rehabilitation works will take place along west, east and south east coasts and the Roseau Valley.

The Hon. Prime Minister was speaking at the contract signing ceremony for projects for the Roseau Valley Constituency room when he made the announcement on Tuesday, April 26th.

27 Apr 2016 description

The Honourable Minister for Public Works and Ports, Senator Miriam Blanchard, gave a forecast of projects tendered to the tune of EC$7m to begin soon.

Senator Blanchard spoke at the ground breaking ceremony for the reconstruction of the West Bridge on Friday, 22nd April.

There, she revealed some 30 projects to commence after Erika hit Dominica with an over one billion dollar blow of infrastructural damage.

12 Apr 2016 description

The Hon. Prime Minister Dr. Roosevelt Skerrit disclosed that contracts will soon be signed to begin infrastructural work following the damage caused by Tropical Storm Erika.

The Hon Prime Minister was speaking at the 21st inaugural meeting of the St. Joseph Village Council on Wednesday, March 6th.

The Prime Minister indicated that time had to be spent to ensure that designs for the work were well done “so that when we put down the infrastructure it’s going to be something that lasts and complements the bigger picture or projects we have to do in Dominica.”

07 Apr 2016 description

The old library, an iconic building constructed in 1902 as a memorial to Queen Victoria, and which also served as an administrative office for the Agriculture Division, the Museum, the Magistrate’s Court and more recently the DBS Sales Office will be transformed into Dominica’s Post Erika Reconstruction Center.

A ceremony took place on the grounds of the building on Friday, April 1st, to officially launch the rehabilitation phase of the project.

07 Apr 2016 description

Summary: Due to the passage of Tropical Storm Erika on 27 August 2015. A band of torrential rain caused by the system resulted in 12.64 inches of rainfall in less than twelve hours and triggered massive flooding and several landslides. Regional governments and the Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency (CDEMA) stepped in to help Dominica after recording the loss of lives.