Tropical Cyclone Komen - Jul 2015

Disaster description

The monsoon depression over the northeast Bay of Bengal and adjoining Bangladesh coast intensified into a cyclonic storm named ‘Komen’ on 29 July 2015, threatening to cause further downpours in regions already affected by recent two-phased flash floods and landslides which started since end of June 2015. Since mid-July, IFRC has been monitoring the situation and working closely with BDRCS on necessary response. (IFRC, 11 Aug 2015)

Cyclone Komen also brought high winds and further heavy rain to several states and regions in Western and Northern Myanmar, with twelve regions and states affected by flooding. On 31 July, Myanmar’s President declared Chin and Rakhine states and the regions of Sagaing and Magwa, to be natural disaster zones. (IFRC, 4 Aug 2015)

Following landfall by the cyclone on the Bangladesh coast, heavy storms lashed India's West Bengal and Odisha on 1-2 August, exacerbating the situation in already flooded areas. (ACT Alliance, 4 Aug 2015)

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