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12 May 2016 description

Le Secrétaire Général de l’ONU, M. Ban Ki-moon et son épouse ont visité mercredi le Conseil de Développement d’Andohatapenaka (CDA). Ils ont tenu à rencontrer des communautés vulnérables des quartiers défavorisés d’Antananarivo avant de quitter Madagascar. Six ministres, membres du gouvernement de Madagascar ont accompagné cette visite.

19 Apr 2016 description
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Southern Africa and Indian Ocean - version
Technical Annex - version 1

The activities proposed hereafter are still subject to the adoption of the financing decision ECHO/WWD/BUD/2016/01000

AMOUNT: EUR 5 000 000

01 Jan 2016 description

A. Situation analysis

Description of the disaster

Madagascar is within the Regional Inter Tropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ) and on January/12/2015, pressure in the zone resulted in unreasonably high amounts of rain in the city of Antananarivo. The city is an area prone to flooding, with two thirds of the city classified as a flood plain, which leads to a chronic annual cycle of flooding emergencies, displacement, injury and loss of life.

30 Sep 2015 description

A. Situation analysis

Description of the disaster

Madagascar is within the regional Inter Tropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ) and beginning the week of 12 January 2015, pressure in this zone resulted in unreasonably high amounts of rain in the city of Antananarivo. Antananarivo is an area prone to flooding, with two thirds of the city classified as a flood plain, which leads to a chronic annual cycle of flooding emergencies, displacement, injury and loss of life.

24 Jun 2015 description

Situation Overview

The 2014/2015 Southern African rainfall season, which stretches from October to May , saw severe floods in the east of the region. The remainder of the region experienced poor rains that were late to arrive and irregular.

Malawi, Mozambique and Madagascar were hit by multiple floods between December 2014 and April 2015 (accounting for 97% of all flood affected people) . A total of 10 tropical storm systems were monitored during the season, with tropical storms Chedza and Fundi affecting Madagascar in early 2015.

17 Jun 2015 description


  • Rice production in 2015 expected to remain below-average, but increase marginally compared to partially-improved 2014 output

  • Food security conditions aggravated in areas affected by cyclones and floods, while dry conditions in southern regions raise concerns over a third successive year of reduced crop production

  • An FAO/WFP Crop and Food Security Assessment Mission (CFSAM) is planned to take place in July 2015

16 Jun 2015 description

1.1 Madagascar est confronté à une pauvreté structurellement élevée, aggravée par les phénomènes climatiques extrêmes à répétition qui rendent les populations davantage vulnérables. Selon l’enquête nationale de suivi des OMD (ENSOMD) de 2012, la pauvreté touchait près de 71,5% de la population (soit 77% en milieu rural). L’extrême pauvreté touchait 52,7% des malgaches avec des inégalités sociales et de revenus très fortes. Avec un PIB par habitant estimé à 463 USD en 2013, Madagascar compte ainsi parmi les pays les plus pauvres d’Afrique Sub-saharienne.

29 May 2015 description


  • More than 1.82 million people were affected by floods or storms and at least 539 people lost their lives during the 2014/2015 Southern Africa rainfall season.

  • Extremely heavy rains over Malawi and Mozambique displaced 230,000 and 68,000 people respectively.

  • In Madagascar, Tropical Storm Chedza alone affected 123,225 people

12 May 2015 description

Le 11 mai 2015 au Palais de Mahazoarivo s’est tenue une cérémonie de remise officielle de 300 000 dollars américains soit 845 000 000 Ariary, de la part du Gouvernement chinois, au Gouvernement malagasy.

Ce don, marquant une nouvelle réponse à la sollicitation d’aide lancée par le Premier Ministre lors du passage du dernier cyclone à Madagascar, est destiné au BNGRC.

13 Apr 2015 description
report Xinhua

BEIJING, April 10 (Xinhua) -- China will provide 300,000 U.S. dollars in cash to flood-hit Madagascar, the Ministry of Commerce said on Friday.

Floods in Madagascar's capital Antananarivo and its surrounding area, caused by a mix of rainstorms and cyclones, have killed at least 24 people, affected more than 60,000 and forced more than 30,000 to flee their homes.

The money will be used to help Madagscar government in disaster relief after recent rainstorms and cyclones caused breaching of dykes and damages to highways, houses and cropland.

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08 Apr 2015 description

Nairobi/Antananarivo, 8 April 2015 – With consistent heavy rainfall leaving tens of thousands of families displaced in Madagascar, the Malagasy Red Cross Society, with the support of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) and other Movement partners, is ramping up its response operations to ensure timely and effective aid reaches those who need it most.

27 Mar 2015 description


  • Mixed 2015 crop production prospects due to cyclone damage and extended dry spell in the south

  • Rice production in 2014 increased to about 4 million tonnes, partly recovering from last year’s sharply reduced output

  • Prices of rice increased seasonally, but remain below their year-earlier levels as of December 2014

  • Food security conditions aggravated in areas affected by cyclones, while dry conditions in south raise serious concerns over a third successive production decline

23 Mar 2015 description
report ACT Alliance

Appeal Target: US$ 150,000

Balance Requested: US$ 3,488

Geneva,3 March 2015

Dear Colleagues,

12 Mar 2015 description

La Coordinatrice résidente du Système des Nations Unies à Madagascar Fatma Samoura a porté la voix de l’ensemble de l’Equipe Humanitaire du Pays regroupant les Agences du Système des Nations Unies, les ONGs internationales, les mouvements de la Croix Rouge lors d’une conférence de presse sur les situations d’urgence à Madagascar, organisée dans les locaux des Nations Unies à Madagascar mardi après-midi.

10 Mar 2015 description

With more heavy rains expected this week, the Malagasy Red Cross Society has teams and materials positioned and ready to respond to growing needs following already extensive flooding which has left thousands homeless.

07 Mar 2015 description

Points saillants

  • Après le passage des deux Tempêtes Tropicales dans l’Ouest et Sud-ouest du pays, entre mi-janvier et mi-février 2015, des pluies excessives étaient tombées sur les Hautes Terres pendant la dernière décade de février 2015, avec un pic de 130 mm en 24heures.

  • Des nouveaux déplacements ont fait passer le nombre des personnes déplacées de 11.423 à 39.000 dans l’ensemble du pays, dont 28.000 à Antananarivo ville et ses alentours.

  • Les régions d’Analamanga, d’Alaotra Mangoro et de Vakinakaratra sont les plus touchées.

06 Mar 2015 description
report UN Children's Fund

By Suzanne Beukes

ANTANANARIVO, Madagascar, 3 March 2015 – All roads leading to the small Malagasy village of Lohanosy have been washed away. Even the main road from the capital, neglected over the years, did not really stand much of a chance against the waters that rose and consumed what had been, at some point, a collection of rice fields.

06 Mar 2015 description
report IRIN

Antananarivo, 6 mars 2015 (IRIN) - Les autorités de Madagascar peinent à faire face aux inondations de plus en plus graves qui affectent la région centrale des hauts plateaux, où se trouve la capitale, Antananarivo, et à la sécheresse prolongée qui sévit dans le sud du pays.

05 Mar 2015 description


  • FAO has further raised its estimate of the 2014 world cereal production and its forecast for global cereal stocks. Early prospects for cereal supplies in 2015/16 are mostly favourable, partly sustained by large stocks accumulated over the previous two seasons.

  • FAO’s first forecast for global wheat production in 2015 indicates a likely small contraction, mostly reflecting an expected decline in Europe from last year’s record output.