Tropical Storm Fung-Wong - Sep 2014

Disaster description

Tropical Storm Fung-Wong (known as Mario in the Philippines) made landfall on 19 Sep 2014 morning, over the northern tip of Cagayan Province of the Philippines' Luzon Island. Its effects enhanced heavy rains that brought flooding in low lying areas of Luzon, including Metro Manila and the provinces of Bulacan and Rizal. As of 24 Sep, 16 people had been killed and around 1.8 million people had been affected across 27 provinces, with around 63,000 people sheltering in 261 evacuation centres (down from 129,700 people in 324 centers on 22 Sep). At least 426 houses were destroyed and 1,900 others were damaged. (Govt, 24 Sep 2014)

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