Mexico: Tropical Storms Ingrid and Manuel - Sep 2013

Disaster description

Tropical cyclones Ingrid and Manual hit almost simultaneously the Atlantic and Pacific coasts of Mexico respectively from 12 to 17 Sep 2013. Extended flooding affected numerous places in the country and a state of Natural Disaster was declared in 56 municipalities of Guerrero and 10 in Oaxaca. 22 shelters were established in Guerrero, housing around 12 000 people. An estimated 36,000 people were evacuated country-wide, about 20,000 of them in Veracruz. (ECHO, 18 Sep 2013)

As of 18 Sep, according to federal government there are 1,2 million affected people, 23,000 people sheltered, and 57 deaths. (OCHA, 18 Sep 2013)

On 21 Sep, the authorities declared a state of emergency for 5 districts affected by tropical cyclone Manuel in the state of Sinaloa. ([Gov't of Mexico, 21 Sep 2013]

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