Tropical Storm Ernesto - Aug 2012

Disaster description

Tropical Storm Ernesto killed 12 people in Mexico. Authorities in the state of Veracruz report 10,000 families affected in 57 municipalities. The state government requested a declaration of emergency for 163 municipalities because of damage to corn, bean and chayote crops. (OCHA, 13 Aug 2012)

Tropical Storm Ernesto also affected 251 people and damaged 51 houses in the department of Peten in Guatemala. National authorities deployed intervention teams to assist affected people. (Gov. of Guatemala, 09 Aug 2012)

The storm passed over Belize on 7 Aug 2012, and its strong winds and rain impacted the northern population of the country. There were no reports of deaths or injuries but houses and public buildings incurred varying degrees of damage. (ECHO, 24 Aug 2012

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