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06 Dec 2018 description

The objective of this report is to make recommendations for the Government of Saint Lucia (GoSL) for the formulation of a country-specific comprehensive disaster risk finance (DRF) strategy, based on the assessment of the legislative, financial management, fiscal, and insurance market environment in Saint Lucia.

17 Jun 2017 description

Balance de atención de emergencias en el Sur:

  • En Corredores y Coto Brus se han invertido más de₡ 5 mil millones en proyectos vía decretos por Tomás y Otto.

  • En acciones operativas se destinaron más de ₡ 43 millones en Corredores y Coto Brus durante el huracán Otto.

30 Mar 2017 description
report Inter Press Service

By Kenton X. Chance

KINGSTOWN, St. Vincent, Mar 30 2017 (IPS) - In the 1980s, an institution for troubled Danish youth and a vocational school for Vincentians was built in Richmond Vale, an agricultural district on the northwestern tip of St. Vincent.

It was hoped that spending time at Richmond Vale Academy would help the Danish youth to see the world from a different perspective. However, for a number of reasons, the concept didn’t pan out, the school closed and a farm was developed in its place.

14 Sep 2016 description

Latin America and the Caribbean is a diverse region and does not follow a single pattern of development. This Report is separated into two volumes which share the same narrative: the Regional Human Development Report – the first volume – covers the entire region, while deepening the analysis on Latin America; and this current Caribbean Human Development Report – the second volume – approaches the multidimensional challenges of sustainable development and human progress taking into consideration the particularities of the Caribbean.

04 Jan 2014 description

Tue, 2013-12-31 14:46 -- marcathian.alexander
Vina Frederick

Since the devastating trough on Christmas Eve, it has been debated whether the damages the island sustained are on par with or surpasses that of Hurricane Tomas in 2011.

Prime Minister Dr. Kenny D. Anthony on Monday December 30, 2013 affirmed this was not a situation he could “cast full judgment on” as there are stark differences between the two. The Christmas Eve trough came with an incessant downpour of rain while Hurricane Tomas has interspersed showers with high winds.

16 Dec 2013 description

La inversión responde a las obras afectadas por la Tormenta “Tomas”

San José, 12 de diciembre del 2013. Una inversión por parte de la Comisión Nacional de Prevención de Riesgos y Atención de Emergencias (CNE) que supera los ₡1.600 millones en rehabilitación de caminos, construcción de puentes y obras de protección han permitido al cantón de Acosta, no sólo reponerse de los daños causados por las lluvias, y en especial por la Tormenta “Tomás”, sino que estas obras han contribuido con la reactivación socio-económica de estas comunidades.

11 Dec 2013 description
report Inter Press Service

By Desmond Brown

MOCHO, Jamaica, Dec 10 2013 (IPS) - The Mocho Mountains that run through the centre of Jamaica were once covered by lush tropical forests that helped control rainfall. Now, much of the forests and farmlands have been destroyed and the community is hard hit by the resultant extreme weather.

11 Oct 2013 description

Besoins humanitaires critiques pour 2013 (assistance aux personnes déplacées, épidémie de choléra, insécurité alimentaire, malnutrition et catastrophes naturelles)

11 Oct 2013 description
report AlterPresse


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P-au-P., 10 oct. 2013 [Ayiti Je Kale / AlterPresse] --- Malgré les affirmations contraires, un programme d’« essai » de bons alimentaires dans le département de la Grand’Anse, sur la presqu’île sud-ouest d’Haïti, a incité près de 18 000 familles à consommer des denrées importées au détriment de la production locale.

30 Sep 2013 description

Critical humanitarian needs for 2013 ( assistance to IDPs, response to the cholera epidemic, food insecurity and malnutrition and natural disasters)

31 Jul 2013 description
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Critical humanitarian needs for 2013 (assistance to IDPs, response to cholera epidemic, food insecurity and malnutrition and natural disasters)

10 Dec 2012 description
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Funding gaps are seriously impacting frontline services for those in need in Haiti. Although the number of IDP camps is steadily decreasing, some of them are currently under threat of eviction. According to MSPP, the number of cholera cases has increased slightly in some departments