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15 Jul 2014 description
report Government of Fiji

The Government Shipping Services vessel, MLC Vunilagi is currently distributing pending building rehabilitation materials for homes destroyed by cyclone Thomas in 2012 to communities in the maritime islands in the North and in villages in Udu Point in the district of Namuka.

Seven lots of timber and building materials were loaded onto the MLC Vunilagi at the Malau Wharf near Labasa on Monday.

18 Sep 2011 description

Fiji Government, Donors And Volunteers Help Families To Start Afresh

SUVA, 19th September 2011: Habitat for Humanity Fiji thanked its donors and supporters at a recent ceremony to mark the completion of its rebuilding project for cyclone-affected families.

At the event held in the capital Suva, HFH Fiji also handed over its final report and certificate of completion to donors.

HFH Fiji rebuilt the homes of 46 families who were affected by Cyclone Tomas which struck in March 2010.

14 Sep 2011 description
report Government of Fiji

Following extensive damage to homes caused by Tropical Cyclone Tomas on March 14 2010, forty-six families living in the worst affected areas of Vanua Levu now have new homes to live in.

When Tropical Cyclone Tomas crossed Fiji in 2010, it caused significant damage to homes and crops in the Northern and Eastern Divisions, and a State of Natural Disaster was declared on March 16 2010.

19 Aug 2010 description
report Government of Fiji

The Director General for UNESCO has approved US$50,000 (FJ$98,067) for the rehabilitation of schools severely affected by Tropical Cyclone Tomas in the Northern and Eastern parts of Fiji.

This donation falls under UNESCO's Emergency Assistance, where a country whose fields in education, science, culture and communication are affected by insurmountable circumstances, such as earthquakes, storms, cyclones, hurricanes, tornadoes, typhoons, landslides, volcanic eruptions, fires, droughts, floods or wars.

Like all capital projects, funds will be strictly monitored, detailed activity …

30 Jun 2010 description

This report covers the period 01/01/2010 to 30/06/2010.

In brief

This programme update focuses on the work of the Asia Pacific zone office in the first six months of 2010 to provide leadership and guidance to the International Federation efforts to increase the impact of Asia Pacific national societies' humanitarian activities.

30 Jun 2010 description

This report covers the period 01/01/10 to 30/06/10.

In brief

Programme summary:

Cross sectoral initiatives during this period include:

- A dialogue with the Pacific Island Forum on potential cooperation initiatives.

- Delivery of the regional Community Resilience Forum, aimed at improving understanding of members in integrated approaches to working with communities.

- A monthly regional newsletter contributed to sharing best practice and improved coordination between Pacific members and Red Cross Red Crescent Movement partners.

- A monthly roster of travel by …

24 May 2010 description
report Government of Fiji

The Prime Minister, Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama provided Cabinet with a status report on the relief, rehabilitation and reconstruction efforts for Tropical Cyclone (TC) Tomas.

The Prime Minister said that the total damage cost incurred by Tomas is estimated at $83.4 million.

The Prime Minister said that the agriculture sector was the most severely affected with damages estimated at $52,255,695, followed by infrastructure at $14,150,787 which include residence, education and health facilities.

He said that assistance has been received from development partners, local …

11 May 2010 description
report Government of Fiji

The government of Malaysia, through the High Commission of Malaysia based in Suva, today donated a cheque of US$50,000 to the Prime Minister's Hurricane Tomas Relief Fund.

Presenting the cheque to PM Bainimarama was Malaysian Acting High Commissioner to Fiji HE Mr Nor' Azam Mohammed Idrus.

Malaysia joins countries such as China, Japan, India, France, Australia, among others, that have come to Fiji's aid following the devastation caused by Hurricane Tomas earlier this year.

20 Apr 2010 description

Updated April 20, 2010 08:06:43

The Pacific has had more than its fair share of earthquakes, cyclones, tsunami's and volcanic eruptions. A recently-released study, funded by the Australian government's development agency, AusAid, looks at how to minimise the impact of these events on communities.

16 Apr 2010 description

Updated April 16, 2010 07:30:29

The cyclone Thomas repair bill in Fiji has risen to FJD$85 million. The Minister for Defence, Ratu Epeli Ganilau, has deployed military personnel to the worst affected areas to help with the clean up and says they will remain until the job is complete.

Presenter: Geraldine Coutts

Speaker: Ratu Epeli Ganilau, Fiji's interim Minister for Defence

15 Apr 2010 description

It Is Raising Funds And Mobilizing Volunteers With Expertise Gained From Rebuilding In Tsunami-Hit Samoa

AUCKLAND, 15th April 2010: Habitat for Humanity New Zealand wants to help Fiji and Cook Islands rebuild following the destructive impact of Cyclone Tomas last month and Cyclone Pat in February 2010 respectively.

HFH New Zealand is gaining expertise in rebuilding lives and homes from its response in tsunami-hit Samoa.

15 Apr 2010 description
report Government of Fiji

The wrath of Tropical Cyclone Tomas shook the nation and shattered our Northern and Eastern students' dreams for a better tomorrow. The whole nation watched helplessly as Tomas uprooted trees, blew away houses and left some schools in rubble.

Like all Pacific Islanders, the gift of the Fijian is his heart. It is for this reason that the nation has mobilized its various institutions to lend a hand for our unfortunate fellow citizens.

Assessments were carried out and cost of damages noted.

12 Apr 2010 description

This report was issued by OCHA Sub-Regional Office for the Pacific in Fiji. This is the sixth and final situation report unless there are any major new developments around this emergency.


08 Apr 2010 description

Updated April 8, 2010 07:06:01

The cost of damage caused by Cyclone Tomas in Fiji has risen to Fiji $76 million (US$38 million). Interim government agencies worked over the Easter holiday period to assess the damage to the northern and eastern divisions from the March cyclone. They have recorded extensive damade to subsistence and commercial crops, infrastructure, homes and indigenous trees.

Presenter: Geraldine Coutts

Speaker: Manasa Vaniqi, Permanent Secreatary, Provincial Development and National Disaster, Fiji

08 Apr 2010 description
report ShelterBox

Up to 200 people hit by Cyclone Tomas in Fiji have been given emergency shelter by disaster relief charity ShelterBox.

The category four storm battered the Vanua Levu and Lau Group islands last month, destroying homes and crops and prompting authorities to declare a state of emergency.

Two ShelterBox Response Team members, Lyndon Tamblyn (NZ) and Walter van der Kley (NZ), have distributed 20 boxes of aid containing ten-person disaster relief tents and life-saving supplies to the Undu area in Vanua Levu's north.

The team received transportation and logistical assistance from …

07 Apr 2010 description

To lend humanitarian aid to Fiji, hit by a cyclone on March 15-17, the Korean government has decided to provide 50,000 dollars worth of emergency relief.

The cyclone has affected about 17,000 people in Fiji.

Regarding the cyclone damage, the Fijian government has declar=ADed a state of emergency for 30 days from March 16, and asked other countries for support. The Korean government will provide relief funds or medicines in consultation with the Fijian government.

Spokesperson and Deputy Minister for Public Relations of MOFAT (unofficial translation)

06 Apr 2010 description
report Government of Fiji

The French Naval Vessel Le Vendémiaire departed the Suva wharf on Saturday afternoon (3rd April 2010) with relief supplies for victims of Tropical Cyclone Tomas in Fiji's southern Lau group.

The vessel arrived on Friday night as part of ongoing relief assistance from the French government.

The chief of the French Defence Mission for Fiji and Tonga, Major Loic Davaillon, said 14 Fiji personnel will be joining the French team.

"On board, along with the 92 crew members, we will have a doctor from Fiji as well as 13 others to assist in distribution and communication with the …

05 Apr 2010 description

Red Cross is mandated under the Disaster Plan to provide initial relief to victims affected by Disasters. Our TC Tomas, initial relief operations activated in the immediate passing of the Cyclone resulted in the provision of clothing, blankets, shelter (tarpaulins) and water, cooking sets, water purification tablets, hygiene packs and first aid kits to the most vulnerable affected.

The most affected population were identified from collated assessment data between FRCS and other DISMAC teams.

02 Apr 2010 description

Suite au passage du cyclone tropical Tomas sur les Iles Fidji à la mi-mars, qui a entraîné des dommages matériels considérables dans le nord et le sud-est de l'archipel fidjien, les autorités françaises ont tenu à manifester leur solidarité à l'égard des populations sinistrées.

En réponse à la demande du gouvernement intérimaire fidjien, la France a décidé d'apporter une aide, en concertation avec ses partenaires australien et néo-zélandais, dans le cadre de l'accord de coordination des secours en cas de catastrophes naturelles (FRANZ).

Une mission de reconnaissance …

01 Apr 2010 description


- According to the Fiji Government, the total rehabilitation cost following Tropical Cyclone (TC) Tomas is estimated to be FJ$67 million (US$34.8 million). The vast majority of this amount is being requested for agricultural rehabilitation. The figure may increase, since the compilation of Detailed Damage Assessment (DDA) is ongoing.

- The result of the DDA conducted by the Fiji Government will be available early next week while the updated result of the Fiji Red Cross Society (FRCS) assessment will be ready by the end of this week.