Cook Islands: Tropical Cyclone Pat - Feb 2010

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Tropical Cyclone Pat, Category 3, struck the Southern Cook Islands in the early hours of 10 February 2010 (Cook Islands time). Aitutaki Island bore the brunt of the storm's impact, prompting the Prime Minister to declare a State of Disaster for the island. (OCHA, 22 Feb 2010)

The cyclone brought strong winds up to 200km per hour to the north east, causing severe damage to the eastern and north western side of Aitutaki Island. The north west side estimated 78 per cent destruction to homes. There were no fatalities but two incidents of serious injury were reported. (IFRC, 24 Sep 2010)

On 20 February 2010, the IFRC allocated CHF 150,000 from the Disaster Relief Emergency Fund (DREF) to support the Cook Islands Red Cross Society in delivering assistance to some 1,671 beneficiaries, and to replenish disaster preparedness stocks. (IFRC, 24 Sep 2010)

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